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Brandon Frame Speaks on The Black Man Can – The Movement & The Awards

This weekend, Atlanta got the opportunity to be apart of celebrating the black man as TheBlackManCan (TBMC), an award-winning nonprofit, hosts its first-ever live TheBlackManCan Awards. Held at Morehouse and hosted by the founder of TheBlackManCan, Brandon Frame and special guest, the event will honor black men and boys who embody the definition of a positive black male image.

TheBlackManCan Awards celebrates the dynamic and inspiring work of Black men and boys across the nation and black diaspora. To date, TheBlackManCan Awards has honored over 60 men and boys whose diverse achievements and dedication to community development promotes black male excellence at it highest pinnacle, and wants to continue to honor and shine the spotlight on amazing black men who are continuing to make a difference.

Started as a blog, over the last seven years TBMC has evolved in a conscious social community that reflects positive images of black boys and men of color. Raw in our reflections, we are here to show the world that a positive image is not always about being polished, but it is about being intentional, intentional in doing good, intentional in always striving to be your best self, and intentional in not being who others think you are but being who you are. We are architects, constructing a framework for how the world perceives, interacts and embraces men and boys of color taking us from a world of you can’t to a world that truly believes we can.”Eventually, we wanted it to grow into a live event that people could come to celebrate black male excellence, black male genius, and black male brilliance. We want people to be able to see all of the narratives and all of the stories within our community. We wanted to create an event where people can see and feel that energy in person so that they can be inspired.” Says Brandon

“It is an honor for TheBlackManCan Awards first live show to take place in Atlanta on the campus of my alma mater, Morehouse College,” said Brandon Frame, founder of TheBlackManCan. “We are excited to celebrate the genius and savoir-faire of black men and boys. It is our mission to celebrate kings. It is going to be a night to remember as we shine a light on black men and boys who embody excellence, leadership, vision, and drive.” For more information on TheBlackManCan, click here.


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