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QG's Best-Dressed Men of the Week

Here you will find QG’s weekly round-up of the best-dressed black, male “entertain-thletes” (entertainers, athletes and famous “others”). From black-tie looks to street style snaps, if you’re ever in the need of a little fashion inspo, look no further.

Usher Outfit: Balmain Balmain Fashion Show Photo: Andrea Adriani;

Kiddy Smile Accessories: Chanel Chanel Fashion Show Photo: Andrea Adriani;

Nicholas Pinnock "The For Life: Cadena Perpetua" Photo Call Photo: Pablo Cuadra

Kanye West Outfit: Yeezy Paris Fashion Week Photo: Pierre Suu

Russell Westbrook Outfit: Dries van Noten NBA Game Night Photo: NBAleaguefits Instagram


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