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Which Kind of Beard Suits Your Face?

Beards are rising in popularity, with around 40% of men growing out their facial hair. For many, however, it can be hard to decide whether a beard really looks good. You might be thinking that you’d like to grow out your stubble, but every time you try, it just doesn’t look right. The truth is, all men can pull off facial hair, but it needs to be grown in a way that suits the shape of your head.

Have a look in the mirror and check the proportions of your head, as well as how angular it is. A wide, angular chin and forehead make for a square shaped face, while a long head which is rounded would be considered oval. Long and angular heads are rectangular, while a wide chin and narrow forehead are triangular. Once you know what shape your head is, choose the right facial hair fit for a gentleman.

A Long, Full Beard Smooths Out a Square Jaw

A square jaw is considered a manly and attractive feature. However, it can cause problems for your beard, making it look patchy on the corners where it is hard to grow. To overcome this, grow your beard longer beneath the chin. If you are lucky enough to be able to grow a thick, full beard, then doing so will round the corners of your face, rather than exaggerating an already angular jawline.

A Goatee Will Benefit an Oval Shaped Head

Oval shaped heads are already proportionate, so most styles work well. What you don’t want to do however is add too much length under the chin, so keep your facial hair neatly trimmed. A goatee will help to widen the jaw, while fitting into the general shape of your head. Just keep lines clean and the sides short. This way, you’ll be able to pull off any beard style.

Rectangular Head? Keep Your Beard Short, but Not Too Short

Men with rectangle-shaped heads have the problem of an overly angular jawline as well as a long face. Having a lot of length under the chin will make your face seem even longer, while short stubble will do nothing to round off those sharp angles. It is therefore a careful balancing act. Growing some hair on your chin, such as a goatee is a better idea than just sticking with the mustache, but keep it neatly trimmed.

A Mustache Evens Out a Triangular Head

Unlike the other face shapes listed here, men with triangular heads will want to direct attention away from the chin. It is therefore unwise to grow too much of a beard, since this will make your wide jaw appear even wider. Instead, go for the quintessential gentleman mustache. This not only appears dignified but also balances out your face shape by directing the gaze of onlookers upwards.

All men can grow attractive facial hair. It is just a matter of figuring out what is the right beard for the shape of your head. Once you have done so, you will be able to confidently and proudly pull off a manly beard.

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