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Aaron Moten Discusses His Role In The New Fox Series, neXt

Up and coming actor Aaron Moten is known for his film and TV roles in Ricki and the Flash, The Night Of and Disjointed. Moten has also appeared in various plays such as The Flick at The Barrow Street Theatre. Aside from being an actor, he is a father to a 2-year-old girl and currently lives in Iceland. Moten discusses how his time at Juilliard helped define him, his unique experiences as an actor and his role in the new Fox TV series, neXt during a chat with QG.

How did your time at Juilliard help prepare you for this moment in your career?

As actors from Juilliard, we leave the school with confidence. Generally speaking, I think it's a place that tries to instill confidence in you when you leave. You never know what you're going to be coming up against on a set or on any workday, whether its the theater, film or TV. You always feel like you have the tools to solve the problem.

What is the most distinctive difference in the creative process of theatrical acting versus acting in TV and film?

I think it's how you use your imagination. With theatrical things, on a stage, you have the benefit of rehearsal time. Generally, you rehearse three to four weeks before you start showing it to someone in the theater. When you're working in film and TV, I think it just has to happen faster. The script can change with TV and film. Usually, with theater, the script stays the same.

What are your most memorable moments of performing in Broadway and regional theater?

I'll never forget being in a Broadway play and what it felt like to make 1200 people laugh. It's like a physical kinesthetic sort of feeling. When that many people sitting in a room laugh, you feel it.

Can you share a bit about your experiences working with acting legends like Kathy Bates?

Kathy is a wonderful person. I know her well. We still talk. I was floored by how generous she was. If I didn't feel like I had the courage to discuss a problem I was having with the material or the work, she would want to take it on for herself. She's a class act. Kathy still believes that everybody has a world of knowledge under them that nobody else could know except by asking. She's great.

Can you tell us about your upcoming show neXt and the character you'll be portraying?

neXt is an action drama. John Slattery plays what would be akin to a Bill Gates type of character who's left being the CEO of this big company. He joins up with the FBI Cyber Crimes Unit in order to stop this horrible, potential AI issue that's happening and we seem to be the only ones that are aware that it's happening. I play Ben Wilson and I'm one of the FBI from the Cyber Crimes Unit. That's how I meet John Slattery's character and that's how the show begins.

What can fans expect from you in the future?

I'm excited to go to New York to do some more plays. We'll see.

Follow Aaron Moten on Instagram and check out the trailer for neXt on Fox below.


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