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A Man’s Guide to Fragrance: Introducing Caswell-Massey

Fragrance is a hidden area of your individual style, which holds an important influence on how individuals regard you. It could possibly: boost one’s level of appeal, enhance ones considered level of credibility, decrease stress levels, raise confidence level, boost one’s awareness and magnify one’s probabilities of obtaining a woman’s phone number.

In spite of all these advantages – 80% of males don’t spray a cologne on a regular basis!

The reason men are reluctant to use fragrance?

Ignorance regarding the numerous terminologies with a worry of over utilizing it incorrectly or perhaps smelling terrible, as a result of poor basic information.

Below is an introduction to several types of fragrances – as to why and more importantly the way you should choose and regularly use cologne that harmonizes with the all-natural body scent. And this motivated Caswell-Massey to present the essential specifics of fragrances as well as come up with the perfect scent for each body spray consumer who desires to push the boundaries and also use distinctively vibrant and distinctive colognes with reasonable prices.

A niche fragrance is created from even more expensive/higher-quality substances. They are the perfumes created by field artists, specifically for a picky and careful consumer who desires to wear a product distinctively daring or exclusive. They attract almost all to the fragrance enthusiast who wants to push the restrictions of appropriate scents. If you want something like this then Parfums de Marly Perfumes can be a great option to go for.

Caswell-Massey possesses varieties in their collection of fragrances in their archive. Check out some of our favorites below!



Based on a Victorian-era formula discovered in their archives, Elixir of Love No. 1 is a unique blend of Jasmine, Musk, and touch of spice. Named for love everlasting because it is sourced from the Passionflower which blooms only one day a year, but inspires a love that lives forever. Comes in a striking cobalt blue bottle.



This niche perfume is motivated by the storied men’s colognes created for private customers at Caswell-Massey’s well-known NY City store on Lexington & 48th Street – a touch of the mid-century male with tobacco and leather; certainly designed for the twenty-first century.

LX48 is a cologne for anybody with confidence and aspiration, Tobacco, Leather, Oak Moss and Cedar Wood keeping a carnal overtone. Minimal volumes are available exceptionally online at and at selected stores. Packed in an exceptional gold-embossed quality LX48 collection box with the Caswell-Massey symbol.

Caswell Massey has so many different colognes plus an assortment of bath and body products. Click here to purchase your next cologne and use keyword “QUINT” to get 20% Off!

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