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5 Do’s and Don’ts for Grooming the Groom

Gentlemen, the wedding day is about us too and we have to start making sure that we are prepared. Long are the days where you get a haircut the morning of your wedding day and then go jump the broom. Weddings are a spectacle and you want to look your best on that day. So if you don’t have a normal grooming routine, you need to start preparing days before you get hitched! We spoke with The Groomsman Suit Co-Founders Jeanne Foley and Diana Ganz who deal with grooms day in and day out and they provided us with five Do’s and Don’ts grooming tips for grooms. Take a look below!

1. DON’T push it off until the last minute

Just like most things leading up to the wedding day, planning is key. Whether it’s a facial, manicure, teeth whitening session, or haircut, do not push off booking your grooming appointments until the last minute. It may be worth having your teeth whitening appointment first so that you can let any sensitive sensation or pain subside before your big day. The last thing you want to hear right before your wedding is that your barber is booked and you’re going to have to entrust arguably the most important haircut of your life to someone who doesn’t fully understand your hair. Call to book your appointments at least one month in advance and schedule each appointment the appropriate number of days in advance of the wedding as directed by the professional. Typically, you do not want to get facials the day before the wedding and also, depending how your hair grows, you may not want to shave your beard or mustache on the wedding day because of possible skin irritation. Do it a day or so before your wedding (if you can) to let any cuts or ingrown hairs fade. If you want to get rid of those ingrown hairs for a smoother face, you could always try this ingrown hair laser removal treatment.

2. DO invest in good product

Whether it is for your hair, skin, nails, or wedding day fragrance, if you don’t already have specific regimens and products in place, you certainly want to do some research a few months out from the wedding day. Using the right companion products during your skincare, shaving or hair styling routines can eliminate common grooming woes. Consider investing in a good facial cleanser, facial moisturizer, and a pre-shave oil to soften hairs before applying shaving cream (and ensure a smoother glide and less ingrown hairs). Top off your shave with a post-shave balm to moisturize your skin, minimize rashes and irritation and help any cuts heal faster. As for your hair, if you have straight hair, smooth flyaways and cowlicks with a styling wax for minimal shine and a good hold. If you have curly or textured hair, consider a styling cream to highlight your hair texture while taking care of frizz.

3. DO consider going to a professional

If it’s not your style to perform your facial, hair, and shaving services at home, then by all means, hire a professional. Even if you typically do these services for yourself and just want a different look or professional touch. Make a consultation with a barber a few months in advance of the wedding to discuss and even consider testing out different shave types and possible hairstyles. By hiring a professional you won’t have to worry about any self-shave mishaps and you’ll be able to pay close attention to how your skin reacts and how fast your hair grows after so you can time your hot-towel shave perfectly right before your wedding day. Another part of men’s grooming is selecting a signature scent. Whether it be for just the wedding day or every day, a man of style should also give some consideration to wearing cologne. Similar to facial, hair and shaving services, if you are not so sure on what to do or purchase, certainly enlist the help of a professional. Head over to a local department store or cosmetics store and ask for some assistance with selecting your signature scent. Become familiar with your preferred fragrance notes and spending budget and surely the professionals will be able to guide you towards the best fragrance.

4. DON’T make a drastic change

Now’s not the time to be innovative and try something new (like your first handlebar mustache). Remember, you and your partner want to cherish your wedding photos for years to come, not wince when you look back at them. You want to look like yourself on your wedding day, just polished to the max. That doesn’t mean you need to be clean shaven necessarily. If people are used to seeing you in a beard, keep the beard by all means!

5. DO practice a little

Just like the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”, so if you decide that you are going to be an expert DIY’er make sure you get some practice time in before the wedding day. Practice the timing and technique of your shaving routine and haircuts. Does your hair look best grown out for two weeks, or one? Nail down the beard or mustache shape and length too to see what looks best on you. Also, begin testing out your skincare products to make sure there are no unexpected skin reactions or irritations.


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