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Nick Arrington, Lovell Adams-Gray Celebrate National Cognac Day With CAMUS Cognac

CAMUS Cognac
Photo Credit: Soul B Photos

Last week, CAMUS Cognac, the largest independent, family-owned Cognac house, celebrated National Cognac Day at New York City's prestigious Michelin-starred restaurant l’abeille.

The intimate dinner was hosted by Cyril and Alexa Camus, CEO and vice president of CAMUS Cognac, respectively, and intertwined fine dining with the sophistication of CAMUS Cognac. The evening had an exclusive guestlist including, womenswear designer Fe Noel, Power Book II actor Lovell Adams-Gray and his wife, actress Kiana Adams-Gray, Summer House: Martha's Vineyard star Nick Arrington, along with The Quintessential Gentleman's Editor-in-Chief Eric Keith.

CAMUS Cognac
Photo Credit: Patrick Camilien

During the event, CAMUS Cognac introduced its Art of Balance campaign, offering guests the chance to taste its XO Cognac in four distinct styles. The experience included a four-course meal, each dish meticulously paired with CAMUS Cognac to enhance the subtle aromas and flavors that characterize the brand. Every course was designed to complement the unique traits of CAMUS XO Cognac, incorporating elements of water, fire, wood, and earth to craft a multi-sensory dining experience.

Cyril Camus, the fifth-generation custodian of the Camus legacy, shared his vision behind the event, emphasizing the intent to fuse traditional cognac appreciation with innovative culinary techniques. "We wanted to bring together a small group of people who have either demonstrated an interest in or have an open mind towards cognac, and introduce them to our brand and product in new, engaging ways," Cyril explained during the evening.

CAMUS Cognac
Photo Credit: Soul B Photos

The Art of Balance tasting journey was a highlight of the night:

  • Water: The dinner opened with Camus XO served over ice, illustrating how chilling can subtly alter the cognac's complex profile.

  • Fire: Guests then experienced Camus XO warmed gently by the heat of their hands, a nod to traditional sipping methods that unlock hidden flavors.

  • Wood: The introduction of wood smoke to the aged Camus XO added a smoky richness, paying homage to the oak barrels used in its aging process.

  • Earth: The finale, dubbed "Camuscino," paired the cognac with a dessert that celebrated the earthy tones of the Camus vineyards.

Throughout the evening, Cyril and Alexa Camus engaged with attendees, discussing the intricate craft of cognac production and the Camus family’s commitment to excellence across generations. Cyril also discussed new ventures that his family, particularly his older son, is pursuing, indicating that there is more on the way from the Cognac power brand, ensuring that the legacy will continue.

"To emotions, very positive emotions. Cheers, and enjoy the day," Cyril Camus said summing up the evening with a toast!

Check out images from the event below.


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