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La La Anthony Creates Program To Help Provide Legal Services To Young Incarcerated Men

One well-known hip-hop figure is doing what she can to help the culture.

La La Anthony, the ex-wife of former NBA player Carmelo Anthony, is creating change in her hometown of New York City through her foundation, supporting incarcerated young men aged 18 to 21, according to Afrotech.

La La Anthony

Anthony launched the program to “provide legal services including connecting the men with lawyers and making court appearances on their behalf," according to the ThreeSixty website.

Additionally, the program has workshops that focus on resume-building, work training, as well as life skills.

A People interview revealed that Anthony’s initiative has created life-changing opportunities, including an individual who was recently released from Rikers Island and was mentored by ThreeSixty, eventually receiving a full scholarship to study at Columbia University.

“It’s really amazing to see that when you take them out of jail and put them in the right environment, with the right opportunities and love and support, incredible things can happen,” Anthony said, according to the outlet.

One part of Anthony’s commitment and passion for her rehabilitation program is her understanding of the young men’s unfortunate reality in the system because of uninformed, poor decisions.

“At this age they are still so young,” Anthony said. “When you talk to them, especially if you have your own kids, you just become so much more compassionate. It feels like any one of our kids could be one bad decision away from being in a similar situation.”

The goal for Anthony and her nonprofit is for “incarcerated men to have a successful reentry into society.” A huge factor is assisting formerly incarcerated folks in landing jobs so they can provide for themselves. To make it an even smoother transition, ThreeSixty partnered with Reform Alliance, which is a nonprofit that helps transform probation and parole folks, offering job fairs and job opportunities, according to the website.

“We want them to be prepared with certain skills so they can really get out there and back into life and into the workforce after release,” Anthony shared with People.

Also, the ThreeSixty website states that the nonprofit offers mental health support, as well as leadership and enrichment programs.

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