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Kwasi Darko Mensah's Journey In The Hospitality Industry Led Him To The Bloom Bar

Kwasi Darko Mensah is a graduate of Morehouse College with a bachelor’s degree in finance and marketing. He has over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, with a wide range of success in creating memorable guest experiences, operations management, venue planning and development.

Kwasi Darko Mensah - Bloom Bar

Mensah has held various job titles, including valet attendant, security guard, manager and promoter. However, the first-generation Ghanaian entrepreneur was able to add owner to his resume in 2007 when he and a close friend created the International Parking Company, a service that is still thriving in 2024. For the past twenty years, Mensah has been no stranger to the nightlife industry and has carved out his lane, starting as a valet attendant in downtown Atlanta. Ultimately, working his way up through the distinct levels of the nightlife industry. As Mensah’s knowledge grew within the industry, so did his passion for ensuring that consumers always enjoyed themselves whenever he provided the service.

In an interview with The Quintessential Gentleman, Mensah stated that he knew he could play a crucial role in bringing back the 'fun element' to the nightlife scene, which has been missing in Atlanta for some time now. He explained that seeing how the industry has changed over the past decade or so, he wanted to be that positive impact on the nightlife scene that was starting to fade away.

Mensah’s impact on the community and the nightlife scene of Atlanta has been nothing short of amazing. Mensah’s commitment to providing quality service has allowed him to stand the test of time, and he’s here to stay, only this time he’s taking on a new role.

Mensah has now joined Bloom Bar, an Afro-themed cocktail bar and restaurant that has been setting the standard for vibrant nightlife experiences in Accra, Ghana. As a key business partner, Mensah plays a valuable role in securing Bloom Bar’s journey to the United States and finding its new home here in Atlanta. Mensah was able to help secure the Buckhead location and has now positioned the brand not only to expand but also to thrive. With his ability to interact with people from all walks of life, he will bring that element he’s perfected over the years into Bloom Bar.

“The goal is to understand what the athletes, the rappers, and even the day-to-day people are looking for when they visit Bloom Bar and to be able to deliver it,” said Mensah. Kofi Maafo, a well-esteemed CEO in his own right of the Bloom Bar brand knew exactly what he was getting in Mensah when he was brought on to the team and it has been a seamless process during their newly formed partnership. 

Known for delivering a luxury experience in Ghana, Bloom Bar has set the standard in the nightlife industry for the past six years all while delivering a vibrant experience that allows for its customers to make memories that will last a lifetime.

The open-air bar is known for its signature lights, delicious cocktails, and ambiance that will leave all in attendance in awe. Mensah spoke on what it meant to bring a huge piece of West African culture and heritage to Atlanta's nightlife scene, stating, "Being able to partner with Kofi, who is also a first-generation Ghanaian, means everything to me. We love entertainment, and it is intertwined with our culture. We dance, we sing, and we love to have fun. The forefront of the Bloom Bar experience is to bring back that fun aspect that has been missing from Atlanta nightlife for some time now."

Bloom Bar’s presence in the hospitality and nightlife industry will allow Mensah to continue providing the strategic insight needed to take the bar to the next level. As for what's next for Mensah and Bloom Bar collectively, Mensah stated, "The goal is expansion and growth, and this project is just a stepping stone to greater things in the future.'"


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