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Joey Bada$$ Gets Poetic In Bumble's New #LoveLettersToBlackWomen Campaign

Bumble is honoring and celebrating the resilience and beauty of Black women with its #LoveLettersToBlackWomen campaign.

Bumble - Joey Bada$$

This time, the dating and networking app has partnered with rapper and actor Joey Bada$$, alongside visionary creative director and musician Jesse Boykins III, to craft a poignant ode to Black women everywhere.

Following the success of last year's campaign, which garnered praise from Adweek for its impactful storytelling, Bumble continues its mission to amplify the voices and experiences of Black women. The newly launched social-first content piece, spearheaded by Joey Bada$$ and Boykins, delves into the rarely-seen vulnerable side of the acclaimed artist, offering viewers a deeply personal glimpse into his admiration and reverence for Black women.

In the video, which premiered last week, Joey Bada$$ delivers a heartfelt message, expressing gratitude and admiration for the strength and grace exhibited by Black women in the face of adversity. With poetic lyricism, he acknowledges their sacredness and resilience, affirming their invaluable presence in his life and society at large.

"A love letter to Black women. I don't think I tell you this enough but you are so sacred to me. It’s incredible watching you create your sanctuary the way you do while the world takes so much beauty away from you," Joey Bada$$ shares in the video.

The campaign aims to shed light on the multifaceted experiences of Black women while fostering a deeper appreciation for their contributions to culture and society. By marrying artistry with emotion, Bumble seeks to ignite meaningful conversations and inspire collective action in support of Black women's empowerment and well-being.

As Bumble continues to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion, the #LoveLettersToBlackWomen campaign is a powerful testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to amplifying marginalized voices and driving positive social change.

"We would be honored if you could share this poignant yet powerful exploration of love and appreciation for Black women and amplify this message even further," Bumble expresses in a statement.

Through initiatives like #LoveLettersToBlackWomen, Bumble shows the importance of uplifting and centering the narratives of Black women, recognizing them not only as agents of change but as pillars of strength and resilience within our communities. With Joey Bada$$ lending his voice to this meaningful cause, the campaign promises to leave a lasting impact and inspire meaningful dialogue for years to come.


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