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New Documentary Follows Chris Rock, Kevin Hart On Their 'Rock Hart: Only Headliners Allowed' Tour

Two of the most famous and recognizable comedians will have a documentary on Netflix.

Chris Rock and Kevin Hart - Rock Hart: Only Headliners Allowed

The new documentary featuring Chris Rock and Kevin Hart is heading to the streaming service, according to People.

The film follows both comedians on their most recent co-headlining Rock Hart: Only Headliners Allowed tour, which already stopped in New York and New Jersey last summer.

Scheduled to release December 12, the documentary will go behind the scenes of the five-show run as the duo unpacks their stardom, according to The Grio.

“I am smart enough to always check to see what Kevin’s doing before I go on tour,” Rock quips at the start of the trailer. “Because I am not getting stomped by Kevin. It’s just not happening!”

Folks watching can expect a combination of why they wanted to tour together as well as first-hand accounts of early lives, struggles, triumphs, as well as their unbreakable brotherhood.

“The first real comedic star that I had a real conversation with was Chris Rock,” Hart says in the clip. “Chris embraced me as a young comic.”

Additionally, the films also features several comedic voices lending their perspectives on their respective careers of the two comedians. Wanda Sykes, Jerry Seinfeld, Tiffany Haddish are featured in the trailer, offering their thoughts on the comedian’ success.

“Art is subjective, comedy is subjective, killing onstage is not subjective,” says Rock to the sounds of M.O.P.’s Ante Up. Similarly not subjective is the documentary’s release date (December 12). Decide for yourself whether Rock was “stomped by Kevin” then.

Hart, a Philly native, rose to prominence thanks to movies like Paper Soldiers, 40 Year Old Virgin and Soul Plane. He also had a series of well-known comedy acts, including Laugh at My Pain, among many others.

Rock on the other hand, has been on the scene since the '90s thanks to getting his start with Saturday Night Live in the early '90s. He rose to prominence in a series of movies, including New Jack City, Boomerang and CB4, among many others.

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