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Wardrobe Stylist Dwayne Adams Talks Holiday Style, Winter Must-Haves

Dwayne Adams, wardrobe stylist and costume designer based between New York and Los Angeles, has over a decade in the editorial and luxury space. His client list spans multiple channels including music, theatre, television and brand partnerships.

Dwyane Adams

Adams' career started in celebrity makeup before joining Town & Country magazine as a fashion assistant. The rising fashion star would go on to head up branding and communications for several major brands including Ralph Lauren before branching out on his own. His Clients include 6x Tony, 2x Grammy and Emmy Award winner Audra McDonald, 3x Grammy-winner Megan Thee Stallion, and platinum-selling artists Nicki Minaj, Kevin Gates, Da’Vine Joy Randolph and Kenya Moore. Add music stars such as Ciara, Young Thug and Roddy Rich to his roster of famous clients. Adams has also served as a wardrobe and costume consultant for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, the Real Housewives Franchise and Dancing with The Stars.

The Quintessential Gentleman caught up with the fashionable figure to talk about holiday style and why Black men should always take pride in their looks.

What is your number one tip for staying fashionable during the winter?

It’s all about the coat! Make sure that you have at least two good coats; one for every day and one for fashion. You should continuously build your inventory so that you have a wardrobe of coats. It’s no longer about having just one! Each color, fit, style, cut, etc. tells a different story. A good coat can take any outfit up a notch.

What is one fashion piece that is a must-have for an office Holiday party?

Nothing says holiday more than tartan! Whether it be a blazer, trousers, or a full suit, tartan is the official holiday pattern! Ralph Lauren and J. Crew always offer new takes on this classic print.

Why is it important for Black men to take pride in their style?

Simply put, you feel better when you look better. It’s one of those things that I can’t really explain. It’s like getting a haircut. Once we’re out of that chair, everything is up! It’s an instant esteem booster! And as unfortunate as it is, people treat you according to how they perceive you to be. Even someone like me who’s worked for some of the biggest names in fashion and Hollywood, feels the difference between when I am dressed in a fitted cap and sweats versus when I’m in a sweater and pants or a suit. Even though my sweats are designer, most people who aren’t into fashion don’t know that. It’s not a good feeling! Don’t be afraid to put extra effort into what you look like when you step outside. That doesn’t mean that you must be completely done, but at least look neat. Groomed hair, teeth, nails, and skin say a lot about you as a person.

Dwayne Adams

What advice would you give to a young Black boy who is discovering his love for fashion and style?

Figure out what works best for your body and understand that tailored and properly fitted clothing is instant elevation. Don’t focus so much on having a lot of clothes, but on having the right clothes. Build a closet of basics or essentials first and then build fashion pieces around that. Research. Get an understanding of textures, sensibilities, styles and seasons.

For those who want to make fashion a career, there is a business and a creative side. Fashion is not just for designers and stylists. There are buyers, merchandisers, operations, fabric sourcing, tech packs, colorists, and all kinds of other roles that go into building a brand. Figure out your area of interest and go after it. Find a mentor, send e-mails, and apply for internships. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you are in a small town, leave!

What is the ultimate accessory to have when attending a Christmas Party?

Confidence is the ultimate accessory you can have when attending a Christmas party. A bottle of champagne can’t hurt either!

Should you put on your best for Christmas dinner with the family? Why or Why not?

This is a personal choice and coincides more so with family structures! However, if comfort is your goal, pairing a nice cashmere crewneck or turtleneck with a pair of lounge pants instantly creates a more elevated look. But remember, fit is key.

What are the best colors to wear during the holidays?

Whatever colors you choose to wear, make sure they are bold and rich - deep greens, plums, wines, and browns. Camel and grey are also a favorite combination of mine. Also, don’t be afraid to mix textures and patterns. For example, a pair of tweed herringbone trousers paired with a croc belt, or leather trousers with an alpaca sweater are great examples of mixed media.

Photo Credit: Bottega Veneta, David Yurman High Jewelry

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