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Pharrell's Billionaire Boys Club Releases Winter 2023 Collection

One of the greatest hip-hop music producers of all time is releasing his Winter 2023 collection.

The skate-focused Pharrell Williams and his label, Billionaire Boys Club, are releasing two deliveries: an existing BBC ICECREAM wardrobe, which includes a “reimagination of the classic diamond and dollars pattern in a micro floral motif as well as introducing a new artwork, the ICECREAM Soda Can onto its pieces, according to HypeBeast.

The ICECREAM motif is in a snow cap font and printed on the Puffy Tee, Flapjack Varsity Jacket as well as the Wrap Snapback Hat. The other t-shirts include the glacier tee that features a sensational iteration of the Running Dog logo in rhinestones. The same technique is also utilized on the sweatshirt and trucker cap. The nylon cotton ripstop fabric features the deboss jacket and impress pants.

The second delivery features a “palette consisting of vintage off-white, muted rose and soft pale blue in camo pattern,” which is reminiscent of the brand’s aesthetic. The collection endures a chilly theme featuring winter-inspired motifs such as the snowmen incorporated into the design for the holiday season.

All is available at BBC ICECREAM flagship stores and online.

Williams has also been designing Louis Vuitton men’s for himself over the summer, according to Complex.

“Every day I pinch myself like, man, is this real?” Williams said to Complex when asked about how he feels. “It’s a crazy mixture of shock and awe at the amount of resources (I have) and working with so many masterful artisans every day. Like who. It’s a different feeling."

Williams described the LV consumer as a person with “disposable income who either runs a company or owns one, and his goal is to provide that customer with all of their wardrobe needs.”

Because of this, he organized the collection into five pillars: Dandy (formal wear), Comfort (running errands or taking a flight), Resort (vacationing), Sport (for physical activities), Core Staples (special hit pieces he changes up each season and LV (LlVoverrs), a play on his home state’s slogan, “Virginia is for Lovers.”

“The question is are you a lover of life? Are you a lover of details? Are you a lover of expeditions, excursions? If you are, we’re gonna design for that,” Williams said.

Check out the new collection below.

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Leonard Britolli
Leonard Britolli
18 de nov. de 2023

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