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SheaMoisture Men Is Shifting The Narrative With Its New 'Black Men Love' Campaign

Over the past few years, the definition of masculinity has continued to be a topic of conversation between men and women who share their ideas on what it is and what it is not. From images of men sharing a platonic embrace to the idea that smoking hookah isn't something that "real men" do, masculinity's definition continues to be challenged. With its latest campaign, SheaMoisture Men has taken a stand surrounding the narrative of Black masculinity.

The Black-founded and Black-led beauty company's recent campaign, "Black Men Love," aims to shift the spotlight on where it truly belongs—on love and the diverse, remarkable ways Black men express it in their lives. Taydra Mitchell, CMO of SheaMoisture, emphasized the significance of this initiative, stating, "There's a conversation around Black male masculinity that's a bit more rooted in a single kind of perspective, maybe a bit more of a negative perspective. Certain stereotypes around Black men who they are and how they show up. And I think we had, in our heart, the desire to help with the evolution of that narrative and bringing it into a much more positive place."

SheaMoisture Men "Black Men Love"

The "Black Men Love" campaign, a brainchild of SheaMoisture Men, is a powerful initiative seeking to redefine the prevailing narrative surrounding Black masculinity by celebrating men through the lens of love. "This is Black men we see you. Black men we recognize you, and Black men we want to give you your flowers while you can smell them," Mitchell shares as the impetus for the campaign.

At its core, "Black Men Love" celebrates love's diverse expressions and its profound influence on the lives of Black men. After the rumbling effects of George Floyd's death and coming out of a global pandemic, a lot of Black men have chosen not to stay silent about their emotions and the things they care about. "We're also seeing that Black men are having a different conversation about themselves," Mitchell shares. SheaMoisture Men's new campaign is a captivating digital content series, where everyday Black men openly share their personal stories, shedding light on how love molds their experiences and shapes their roles in society.

"A big part of this is our digital content series, where we're showcasing and demonstrating men in their environments, showing love and all these ways. We're showcasing Black men as fathers. A man with his daughter and him talking about the work that he has to do to show up for her every day and how she inspires him. We're showing Black male teachers, whose students love them and adore them and who they pour into," Mitchell highlights about the campaign.

"Black Men Love" is more than just digital storytelling—it's about meaningful partnerships with various organizations committed to the advancement of Black men. One of the most critical parts of the campaign "is partnering with these organizations that have been doing a lot of this work already. Who had been having these conversations with Black men who have been working in the mental health space," Mitchell shares. SheaMoisture Men collaborated with Black Men Heal, Black Men Smile and Thelack Men Can.

Through acts of service, validation and empowerment, SheaMoisture Men is committed to elevating the esteem, value and importance of Black men. Mitchell highlighted, "First thing is that we want men to feel this. We want them to feel the appreciation. We want them to feel seen. I think the second is that we want people to join in on this movement. We don't want to be the only ones that are either showing love or encouraging Black men to show love. We want the community, we want partners, we want other brands to see Black men in a new light."

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Check out images from SheaMoisture Men's Harlem pop-up below.


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