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4 Reasons To Check Out 'The Burial' This Weekend

The Burial starring Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones will be streaming on Prime Video this Friday, so don't let the horror films of the season allow you to miss this gem!

The Burial revolves around Jeremiah O'Keefe, embodied by Jones, who is a funeral home proprietor. When a seemingly uncomplicated handshake agreement takes a disastrous turn, O'Keefe's family enterprise sways on the brink of ruin. When an opportunity to preserve his livelihood and uphold his family's legacy presents itself, O'Keefe takes matters into his own hands and hires the charismatic and electrifying attorney Willie E. Gary, played by Foxx.

Gary, renowned for his persuasive charm and legal acumen, unexpectedly becomes O'Keefe's comrade in a battle to salvage the funeral home. Their alliance lays the foundation for a narrative that not only delves into seeking justice but also explores the unique bond between two individuals from different backgrounds.

We recently attended a private screening of the film in Atlanta. Here are our four reasons why you should be streaming The Burial this weekend.

Based On A True Story

The Burial

What we love about films and TV shows based on true events is after watching them, you can dive deeper online and get more information from different vantage points.

The Burial is a cinematic tribute to the resilience and achievements of Willie E. Gary. Gary was a Florida lawyer who took on high-profile cases involving corporate malpractice, civil rights, personal injury and wrongful death. In his pursuit of justice, his cases have resulted in numerous multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements, which have earned Gary national recognition and respect in the legal industry.

Gary's journey from humble beginnings to becoming a prominent attorney and philanthropist is a testament to resilience and the power of vision.

A Reminder of Jamie Foxx's Talent

The Burial

Oscar-winner Foxx is one of the most talented artists of our generation and his name doesn't get brought up enough in G.O.A.T. conversations. “The real Willie Gary has a huge, larger-than-life personality, and I knew Jamie had the talent, charisma and range to bring this complex and multi-faceted persona to the screen,” Maggie Betts, director of The Burial, shares on casting Foxx. “He was a perfect match for the role, and he brought so much more humanity and vulnerability to the character than I could have ever expected which, as a director, was very exciting to work with.”

Tommy Lee Jones and Jamie Foxx On The Screen Together

The Burial

Having witnessed the on-screen chemistry of Jones and Foxx, you'll be eagerly yearning for another joint performance. The seamless camaraderie between these two remarkable talents is so electrifying that it's apparent they're true legends, masters of their craft.

In the film, O'Keefe is really depending on Gary to help save his family-owned and operated funeral home. Normally with his cases, Gary is focused on the win and the feelings of his clients are an afterthought. But this time is different. Gary really cares about O'Keefe and really wants to help him. The mutual feelings of respect and care are shared by the two and are beautifully displayed on screen.

Jurnee Smollett

The Burial

If you need another reason to tune into The Burial, enter Jurnee Smollett. Smollett effortlessly embodies every character she takes on, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. From her striking beauty to her embodying the essence of a strong black woman, Mame Downes (played by Smollett) will undoubtedly captivate you.

A graduate of Howard University, Downes serves as the opposing counsel to Gary. Described as a legal force to be reckoned with, Downes fearlessly challenges anyone, including the formidable Gary. The interactions between Foxx and Smollett are a blend of humor and intensity. Smollett unequivocally proves that she belongs in the same league as Foxx and Jones, both on-screen and on the grand stage of acting.

The Burial is out in select theaters now and will be available to stream on Prime Video on Friday, October 13.


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