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Quavo Says He Will Enroll Into The University of Georgia Next Year

First Quavo released his line of ball caps that paid homage to the University of Georgia’s football team. Now, the Atlanta rapper wants to become a bulldog himself.

Photo Credit: Instagram - @QuavoHuncho

In an interview with Vibe Magazine promoting the collaboration with Lids, the 32-year-old revealed that he is enrolling in UGA next year, according to Fox Atlanta.

"Next year, I’m going to enroll myself into University of Georgia. I’m going to be a student on campus," he told the Vibe Magazine.

Also, promoting his new collaboration with Lids, the Rocket Power rapper said he has a love for all things UGA.

"I love UGA to the fullest. I just want everybody to rep this hat and put it on their head, because we ain’t capping about our rap," he said.

The Atlanta rapper teamed up with Lids Hat Drop and ’47 to release two snapback hats paying tribute to the University of Georgia Bulldogs, which are considered rare. The limited-edition condition features the back-to-back Playoff champion Bulldogs’ logos, but it has a new flair added by Qua.

But when it comes to the collaboration with Lids, this isn’t anything new. The Bad and Bougie rapper worked with Lids for the past three to four years now, with his first two collaborations being Atlanta Braves World Series hats.

“I was just honored and I felt like it was a blessing because growing up I always rocked the Atlanta hat,” he spoke of the partnership. “When I was trying to rap, that was my favorite hat and that was like a staple. Kind of like how the New York Yankee hat is to New York. We love our Atlanta Braves hat.”

And the connection has been solid ever since.

“The relationship just got stronger and stronger,” he said. “I created another hat when they went back-to-back and won another World Series, thank God. And then now we here with the college wave and UGA won back-to-back. So I guess it’s only right to call Qua at this point [laughs]. I’m just proud of myself for being a part of the family.”

Other endeavors Quavo has are Rocket Foundation, Quavo Cares and Huncho Sports, which encourage higher education and extracurricular activities.


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