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Kevin Hart's 'Hart to Heart' To Have The Rock, Will Smith On Season Finale

Kevin Hart

The people’s champion, the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, the brahma bull and the great one as well as one of the GOAT entertainers out of Philly will be joining one of the GOAT comedians out of the City of Brotherly Love this week.

In other words, The Rock, real name Dwayne Johnson, and Will Smith will join Kevin Hart on the finale of Peacock’s Hart to Heart.

Peacock unveiled some media clips of the chat, including Will sharing how he nearly didn’t take the critically acclaimed 2006 film role of Christ Gardner in The Pursuit of Happyness, which would go on to earn Smith an Oscar nomination.

For The Rock, the two will discuss Johnson’s entrepreneurial ventures. Hart then expounds how Johnson’s success motivated him to venture into other ventures.

Hart had a star-studded cast on his show. In a scintillating interview with one of the greats in the game in J.Cole, the two icons discussed a myriad of subjects. On the show, J.Cole admitted that women in hip-hop are killing the game right now and that the current state of rap is in a good place, according to Vibe.

Cole said in the interview that when he was `coming up, there could only be one woman in hip-hop. But in today’s game, that is far from the case.

“I think it’s fire. It’s a whole different ballgame,” Cole said in the Hart interview. “Whole different crop of young superstars and styles. I think, to me … I’ve been feeling like this for, maybe, a year or two. I hate to say it, almost because it sounds like pandering, but I do think, there’s a lot of fire female rappers.”

In another interview with Compton’s Dr. Dre, the super producer and rapper said he was talked into developing the classic The Chronic, which debuted on December 15, 1992, according to Billboard.

“It wasn’t my decision, I was talked into doing that,” Dre said to Hart. “I just went in there and went for it because I felt, at the time, it was a life-or-death situation.”

In all, the third season of Hart’s show had Hart interviewing the likes of Sofia Vergara, John Cena, Will Ferrell, Issa Rae, Mark Cuban, among other notables.


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