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Atlanta's Plant Based Zo Restaurant To Get First Permanent Location

After establishing itself as a pop-up restaurant, Belineda Febe's Atlanta-based Plant Based Zo will open its first permanent location.

Plant Based Zo

Plant Based Zo serves vegan Haitian fusion cuisine at 1099 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd in Southwest, Atlanta. The pop-up is currently open three days a week on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, and offers a weekly rotating menu “showcasing the culinary creativity of our chefs, presenting new and exciting plant-based creations inspired by the rich tapestry of Haitian flavors.” Aside from the food, the pop-up restaurant is known for the atmosphere where Caribbean music is played, and impromptu performances by live drummers in the restaurant's lobby.

The menu at Plant Based Zo features Haitian dishes including djon-djon rice and the fan favorite, the Vodou Burger. Djon-Djon rice is a dish made with an edible black mushroom called djon. Cuisine inspired by other regions of the African diaspora such as the Jamaican staple pigeon peas and rice, Latin American empanadas, and African American-inspired gumbo is also served. Freshly prepared smoothies and desserts are also offered on the menu.

In preparation for the opening of the permanent location, a representative for Plant Based Zo stated, “We are working hard to bring you the best flavor permanently. We won’t be able to do our pop up this weekend... We are excited about bringing you flavors on a consistent basis all days of the week.”

While an official opening date for the permanent location of Planet Based Zo hasn't been revealed, according to a building permit obtained by What Now Atlanta, the location where the pop-up was located will be altered into a commissary kitchen at 940 McDaniel St. in Southwest, Atlanta.


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