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Rome Flynn Talks 'With Love,' His Non-Negotiables When Dating

Season two of the hit Prime Video series With Love is now streaming. If you haven't seen the first season, this is your reminder to go tap in.

The romantic comedy showcases the different levels of love all while navigating through the pitfalls of life. With Love revolves around a Latino family and all the relationships that they encounter. It puts representation at the forefront and displays love in all communities.

Rome Flynn and  Emeraude Toubia
Photo Credit: Kevin Estrada/Prime Video

Rome Flynn plays Santiago, the main character Lily's boyfriend, at least that was in season one. At the end of the season, the two break up and in this new season, we pick up where they left off. We recently had the opportunity to talk with Flynn about if he shares characteristics with his character Santiago, any non-negotiables when dating and more.

Flynn said there are some similarities between his Santiago role and himself in real life.

“I do go off of some of his ideologies and some of the things he agrees with. I think for me, I would agree with him in certain aspects – not to the extreme now I feel like he is. Yea, there are definitely aspects I feel like we can agree on,” Flynn said.

Flynn says he does have some non-negotiables when dating.

"It’s hard for me to say any cliché ones, right?" Flynn asked. "But you got to be ambitious. I think that I feel [that] is the core makeup of a person’s integrity and what they want. What are you chasing? What wakes you up in the morning? And I think that’s something that needs to happen with a partner 100%. Another is a sense of family. … That needs to be an important integral part in a person’s life, although work is very much a part of the revolving mind, but you have to come from that foundation of family. I think everything else can be compromised and talked through.”

When asked what he learned after filming With Love, he shared:

“...I feel like the work that I’m doing on this show is underlined with the love but also it’s the humor in it, finding the humor in those things is a challenge I enjoy, because I think that all of us have the capacity to have the humor and also have the capacity to love, and I feel like this character I’ve had the opportunity in the first season to be humorous, be funny, but also have these different colors and different variations of him,” Flynn said.

Flynn certainly has different variations of himself when it comes to his everyday life. Not only is he on your TV screens but he also is a musician with music on all the major streaming platforms.

Start watching With Love Season 2 on Prime Video. Check out the full interview below.

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