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Family Matters: The Impact of Difficulties on Learning

While the future success of a child might not be entirely dependent on education, academic performance is one of the important factors that increase the chances of success in the future. Individuals who perform well in school are likely to land their dream jobs and get more opportunities to grow their professions. Academic geniuses tend to possess the most important skills that are needed to face complex challenges in life. The early years of an individual’s life act as the foundation of their future success. Therefore, you need to give your child adequate care and attention during the early years for them to overcome various hurdles along the way. In this article, we are going to discuss how family matters affect learning. And a few great tips that you can use to promote learning at home.

Common family issues and learning

There are a lot of challenges that family members face as they strive to stick together. While parents are usually aware of the problems, most children never have the tools or energy to face these issues. And they end up affecting their performance in school. Some of the common issues include:

A change in family dynamics

Similar to other types of relationships, family relationships change. Divorces and new marriages can not only upset but also confuse a child. And this might lead to withdrawal or acting out at school. In most instances, single parents have to increase their work hours or get another job to provide for their children. This means less time with the kids. A child may start feeling unloved or neglected thus resulting in withdrawal or misbehavior at school. When two families merge, a child may feel neglected as the adults try to build new relationships.

Financial problems

One of the leading causes of chronic stress and anxiety among adults is financial problems. When parents are not stable financially, they’ll have to extend their work hours or take an extra job to provide for their loved ones. Various studies have shown that children from impoverished backgrounds tend to have poor concentration, vocabulary skills, and performance at school.

Sibling bullying

Another common problem that most parents have a hard time recognizing is sibling bullying. They usually assume that siblings who make fun of each other or fight are normal. When things get out of hand, one child will start suffering. Sibling bullying has a serious impact on self-esteem. It leads to various emotional problems such as loneliness, hopelessness, and depression. Victims usually struggle in school because they have a hard time concentrating on their academic work.

Promoting learning at home

Parents want the best for their children. You need to do everything in your power to ensure that your child succeeds in school. Some of the best ways to support your child’s learning at home are:

Getting involved

It’s not enough for you to tell your kids to study hard or prepare for upcoming exams. You need to get involved in your child’s education. Find out what they are learning about and be present to offer help when they need it. For instance, if they’ve been asking, “who can write my lab report quickly?” You should help them get online help for students from an online site dedicated to essay writing. Instead of asking your child how they are doing at school, ask them about the activities they are passionate about or the ones they find challenging. Having such conversations will go a long way in helping you understand your students and come up with great ways to support them.

Come up with a routine

One of the best ways to improve academic performance is by having a routine. Doing this will give your children structure and help them complete their studies. As a parent, you need to create a routine for your children to follow at home consistently. It’s not enough for you to instruct them to study. You have to be involved. Setting up a schedule and being available for your child in case they need help will go a long way in improving your child’s performance.

Create a dedicated study space

There are a lot of things that you can do to make learning easier for your kids. Among them is creating a dedicated space for study at home. You need to provide a comfy space where your child can study without distractions. By doing this, your child will complete their assignments on time and prepare for upcoming tests.


If you have been facing problems that have been affecting your child’s performance at school, don’t give up. Remember, every problem has a solution. If your child is acting out and performing poorly at school, you should consider doing something different and exciting with them. Taking their minds off the problem will help them move forward. No family is perfect. Everyone struggles to keep things together. Instead of focusing on the problem, give your children love and support. And seek professional help whenever you need it.

Author’s Bio:

Michael Stoddard is a leading academic editor, writer, and content creator. He loves interacting with kids and coming up with ways to solve the common problems that they face. He enjoys reading books and conversing with new people during his free time.


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