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Are You Attending the 'House Party' This Friday the 13th?

A couple of years ago, when we first heard that the "powers that be" were looking to reboot House Party, millennials got nervous. House Party is a part of our culture and we don't want just anyone pulling on our nostalgic heartstrings. Here we are in 2023, 22 years after the original House Party (1990), and we have the fifth installment of the cult classic.

In the new film, the party that will be filled with fun, drama and consequences will take place inside NBA star LeBron James' home. One day, party promoters and house cleaners, Kevin (Jacob Latimore) and Damon (Tosin Cole), find out they are cleaning the home of the Los Angeles Lakers Forward. After this realization, Damon has the bad idea to throw a party at James' home while he is out of town. The movie follows the two as they invite people to the star-studded party, host it and, ultimately, deal with the result of their decision.

Tosin's immediate thought when he first read the script was, "funny." "I was like it's funny. Like it was super duper funny, super witty, super intelligent. It's like you never knew what to expect because it just gets wilder and wilder," he shares. "It goes to places people wouldn't expect."

"It was a vivid read," Latimore shares about the first time he read the script. "Everything just kind of came to life in your mind. It was amazing to see it on set, see it on the screen now, and see people enjoying it."

The film was produced by LeBron James' SpringHill production company and Calmatic made his directorial debut. The film also stars Allen Maldonado, Karen Obilom, Melvin Gregg, Rotimi and DC Young Fly. We also see a slew of cameos that include Kid Cudi, Lil Wayne, Tinashe, Mya and the originators, Kid N' Play.

When asked whose house the next House Party would be, Rotimi and DC Young Fly said the White House. "We would probably have Barack in it. It's a period piece. Barack during the first election," DC Young Fly laughs.

House Party hits its theaters tomorrow, January 13! Check out the trailer below.


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