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Chester Rogers Goes From the Football Field to the Newest Season of 'BMF'

Photo Credit: Kayla Madonna

Chester Rogers has had a passion for acting for a long time. And after 18 years and playing high-level football with the Tennessee Titans, the Indianapolis Colts and the Cleveland Browns, Rogers has finally gotten another shot to act on one of the bigger stages.

Rogers is a co-star on BMF, a crime series on Starz produced by platinum rapper 50 Cent that is centered on Detroit and on the creation of one of the most influential crime families (Black Mafia Family) in the history of the United States.

Rogers made his debut Thursday night, and costars as the best friend of Meech, one of the BMF brothers who is played by Demetrius Flenory.

Rogers said there was a reason why after 18 years he needed to act right now.

“I always knew I was going to get back into acting, but once I picked up the football, it was a mission I felt like I had to complete,” Rogers said. “And it’s not done, I’m still playing.”

Rogers’ mind is still on football as he just played for the Browns and Texans this past year. But the opportunity presented itself following his stint in 2021 with the Titans – a team that lost in the playoffs to the Cincinnati Bengals on the way to the Super Bowl.

Immediately following the playoff game, Rogers went to a breakfast spot in Atlanta with his mother and another couple, one of them being a producer. Rogers’ mother told the producer about her son's acting experience, which comprised roles in Constellation (2005), Dirty (2005), Tyler Perry's Madea Family Reunion (2006), and the Cartoon Network series Re-Animated (2006).

Photo Credit: Starz

Two weeks later and two months into free agency, Rogers got the phone call for a BMF audition. The directors and producers fell in love with Rogers’ personality, and from there it was another opportunity for Rogers to showcase his talents.

“This is an iconic and cultural project that I’m on. And I grew up always hearing about BMF, (and) just being a product of my environment I’ve witnessed and been around, so this show is definitely something I can relate to. And it’s very natural because of some of the stuff I’ve seen…”

Rogers grew up in Huntsville, Alabama where he regularly saw folks in the neighborhood hustling to get the nicest cars and jewelry.

But being raised in a stable household thanks to his mother and father, Rogers was able to make some sensible choices. One day when he was eating dinner with his family, the news broadcasted a story about auditions for Constellation in Huntsville. Rogers decided to ask his family to take him, leading to the Huntsville-native landing a role in the film.

Rogers played a young Billy Dee Williams, and Gabrielle Union was his sister. He would go on to move to Los Angeles with his mother for four years, and his father and brother stayed behind in Huntsville.

Having played football for a few years before he started to act, Rogers pursued his football dreams. He attended HBCU Grambling State for four years before signing to the Colts in 2016.

In the NFL as a wide receiver, he has racked up 141 receptions for 1,522 yards and six touchdowns.

But now it’s time for Rogers to shine on TVs across America.

“I become basically his (Meech) right-hand man, a guy he depends on to get something done. It’s a beautiful type of relationship because I’m late into the group, but the experiences that me and Meech go through, the loyalty is strong from that. So, seeing that relationship grow is going to be pretty dope,” Rogers shares.

Photo Credit: Kayla Madonna

In other endeavors, Rogers is also a successful entrepreneur, owning and operating lucrative businesses across several industries, which include fashion, cannabis products, food and beverage, real estate, and home health care.

Additionally, he founded the Chester Rogers Trace Family Foundation, which operates to give back to families from underprivileged communities.

Season two of BMF airs on Starz Fridays.


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