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How to Smell Good All-Day

As a man, smelling good can significantly boost your confidence, mood and make you attractive. The easiest way to smell good is to understand your body and how your skin reacts to different scents. Having a wash routine is a sure way to maintain the crispness and a signature perfume is an extension of your personality. You can choose a fresh scent or a more rustic and earthy scent depending on your likes. Whether you have your cologne around or not, here are some tips on smelling good all day.

Hydrate adequately

The easiest way to smell fresh is to drink plenty of water. Water keeps your body functioning efficiently and wards off any bad smells from within by diluting unpleasant odors such as coffee, garlic, and onion breath. Take water regularly to keep your body hydrated and smelling great during the day.

Find a signature scent

Another way to smell great is to find a signature cologne you love and make it your best friend. A fresh-smelling perfume is a great way to add a top layer of pleasant smell to your overall outfit. Depending on your personality, you can choose an intense scent or a light one to make a great first impression. An ideal cologne for men provides an extra spritz of freshness and confidence.

Spray on the right areas

The best areas to spray include your armpits, neck, and wrists. An unusually yet effective area is your bare torso, especially if you use a subtle scent to produce a pleasant aura around you rather than an in-your-face effect. If you love light scents, it is okay to be liberal since your outfit will still cover up some scent, but do not overdo it if you are using a heavier scent.

Blend your scents

When choosing your scent, it is advisable to blend related fragrances that complement each other. Your body washes, shampoo, body splash, and deodorant should comprise closely related scents, if not the same, to complete your signature perfume. Luckily you can use the fragrance wheel to learn about fragrance families and scents related to each other.

Spray your favorite scent in your closet

Another secret to establishing your signature scent is to hit your closet with your favorite fragrance at least once a week. You should know how close to your clothes rack the spray steam is, and the closer it is, the stronger the scent. How long it lingers also depends on the fragrance concentration. This is an ideal way to have a long-lasting signature smell that is not overpowering.

Wash with good quality soap

Good quality soap washes you clean and leaves a pleasant smell on your skin. It is advisable to use soaps containing natural oils and moisturizers to prevent your skin from drying out.

Wait for the fragrance to dry before going out

Wind and air can rip off the fragrance on your skin, so it's best to wait for it to dry before going outside. You can apply it early in your routine to allow enough time before walking out.

The takeaway

Freshening up with a pleasant cologne is easy when you do not smell too peachy.


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