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Meek Mill Pays the Bail for 20 Incarcerated Women to Bring Them Home for the Holidays

Rapper and Philadelphia native Meek Mill is doing his part to bring families together this holiday season.

The co-founder of REFORM Alliance is paying the bail for women currently incarcerated in Philadelphia. The women, who were unable to afford bail, will now be able to spend the holiday season with their families and loved ones. Five women were released today and will be reunited with their families, with 15 more women to be released in the coming week.

The women were incarcerated at Riverside Correctional Facility in Philadelphia. The women will also each receive a gift card to purchase groceries or gifts for the holidays.

"It was devastating for me to be away from my son during the holidays when I was incarcerated," said Mill. “So I understand what these women and their families are going through. No one should have to spend the holidays in jail simply because they can't afford bail. I'm grateful for the opportunity to help these women be with their families and loved ones during this special time of year."

Meek’s holiday giveback is just the latest in a long line of efforts by Meek and REFORM Alliance to advocate for a more just and equitable criminal justice system. REFORM Alliance - which was founded in 2018 by Mill and a group of powerful business and entertainment leaders like Michael Rubin, Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter, Robert Kraft and more - has made significant progress in its efforts to change laws, system and culture in order to transform probation and parole and improve the lives of those affected by the criminal justice system. To date, REFORM Alliance has passed 16 bills in 10 states, all bipartisan victories, that translate to stable communities, stronger families and greater public safety for all.

Photo Credit: Chris Mansfield for REFORM Alliance

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