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Chris Spencer Helps 'Find the Funny' as Host of HBC...U Got Jokes!

iONE Digital teams up with Xfinity to premiere HBC…U Got Jokes' via their One Yard platform, the place for all things HBCUs. Hosted by actor and comedian Chris Spencer, HBC…U Got Jokes is a stand-up comedy series that searches the nation's HBCUs looking to “find the funny!” “The goal is to find budding comics that are one joke, one call, one performance away from taking their careers to the next level.”

But it doesn’t stop there! In the premiere episode, show participants Erik Terrell and Lele Mason, who already have a buzz on the stand-up comedy circuit, are mentored by Spencer who helps them hone their comedy skills in preparation for the finale, a live performance in front of an HBCU audience. Spencer entertainingly tests their comedic prowess by giving them techniques and critiques to refine their performances, increasing their chances of making us laugh.

During the episode, we learn what motivates Terrell and Mason, what inspires them to be comics and who they are comedically. Spencer and his comedic experience, are the stars of this episode, leading these talented budding comedians to the next level hilariously. His genuine approach to assisting these comics is engaging and fun to watch as he provides tangible guidance while letting their talents shine.

HBC…U Got Jokes provides a platform for up-and-coming Black comedians ready for the mainstream. Created to help more Black comics break into and remain a part of the traditionally marginalized industry. The show tracks the progress of participants from their introduction to the show’s premise and its host, through their comedic mentoring and training and best of all their ability to make audiences at historically Black colleges and home laugh.

Lastly, the comedians take the stage for a live comedy show that will test the skills and preparation of the participants and their faithful mentor, leaving viewers proud of their progress, rooting for them to kill it on stage and looking forward to their careers in comedy to come.

You can find HBC…U Got Jokes on iONE Digital’s “One Yard” Platform.


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