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Entrepreneur Blakk Tatted Creates a Hookah With No Nicotine or Tobacco, Only 100% All-natural Fruit

Comedian and entrepreneur Blakk Tatted has steadily grown his personal brand over the years. Now, the New Orleans native is entering a new industry with the introduction of the "On The Go Hookah Pens" company called Blakk Smoke.

The premium hookah is 100% all-natural fruit and doesn't contain nicotine or tobacco. Hookahs have become a part of the fabric of our culture as you can see a cloud of smoke on many Instagram stories. Ironically, Blakk has always been an advocate of smoking hookahs but has been against smoking actual cigarettes. After speaking with his family about the contradiction, he aimed to find a way to create a healthier way to enjoy what he loved.

In just under a year, Blakk's multi-million dollar idea has managed to transform the hookah industry. "It's much more empowering and inspiring from me that I created it as a Black man," Blakk shares.

All great ideas come with its challenges and this is certainly no exception. At times Blakk felt alone in the process but one thing he never gave up because there was a bigger goal ahead of him. Being a Black man who created a product that the world didn't realize they needed is a double win for Blakk. He gets to share what he loves with people while setting a foundation for generational wealth in his family.

For Blakk, he continues to grow the company while touring the world sharing his comedy. He said New Orleans will always be home but hookah is an international passion that connects him with the world.

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