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Chef Mark Phillips Launches New Cookbook Just in Time for the Holidays

For over a decade, Chef Mark Phillips has been pleasing palates around the world with his southern flare.

A few years ago, Chef Mark decided he wanted to share some of his favorite recipes. After a little over two years, his labor of love was ready for the masses and he released At Home with Chef Mark Phillips Recipes. The culinary expert says this is more than a cookbook, as it takes you on a culinary journey, where you learn kitchen tips and guides along with some of his favorite recipes.

When asked about how he selected the recipes to include, he shares, "I selected the recipes for this book based on what I love to cook for friends and family, coupled with some of my personal favorites. I started with the chapter topics and then flowed into the recipes and narrowed them down to not exceed 15 per chapter. I wanted the recipes to be partly familiar and then something new or my take on the item being prepared."

Chef Mark wants anyone that reads his book to be inspired to try something different while challenging them to taste his version of any classic. "I also want people to learn some culinary tips and tricks along with learning more about my love of food and what has gotten me to this point. I want the reader to shake up a crafty cocktail, build charcuterie boards, eat their vegetables while making a pit stop in the south," Mark shares.

Some of Chef Marks' favorite recipes include the Crab & Corn Chowder, Chicken Taquitos, Vegetarian Lasagna, Red Wine Braised Short Ribs, and of course, Snickers Brownie Cheesecake.

Grab a copy of At Home with Chef Mark for yourself and let us know some of your favorite recipes.


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