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A Piece From Them All: 4 Brands to Support Right Now!

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It is never too late to start buying and become stans of independent Black-owned fashion brands. Seriously! Black artists set culture standards while brands ignore, appropriate, and steal their ideas to resell them back as their own. It is a true and unfortunate trend that Black creators experience daily and Black consumers senselessly fall victim to.

In my opinion, there has never been a lack of luxury goods produced by Black designers, but an internalized lack of community support. There is a laundry list of reasons why we aren't as supportive of our own as we should be, however, the lack of equal access to resources and funding is definitely on top of the list. Imagine how far the Black dollar could go and the benefits it will bring once circulated throughout our communities and business structures.

Let us not wait for the masses to tell us what is deemed fashionable. We were born with an undeniable swagger that the world is waiting to emulate. I employ you, the Black consumer, to divert your efforts from driving growth in American luxury goods to building up the Black-American luxury goods sector.

Here are four fashion brands we are stans of and you should be too.

Brand: B|M|C

Designer: Brandon Murphy

Price: Suiting starts at $1350 / footwear is $395

B|M|C is a luxury tailoring brand that expresses love for individuality and elegance by expounding upon historic sartorial elements through cultural references with a modern touch.

Why have you chosen to create this particular product?

Suiting, in particular, has always been an interest of mine and I felt that I wanted to create a caliber of clothing that reflected my taste while developing a tangible world within my sartorial fantasy. As I expanded the brand, footwear was a natural pivot and felt right to expound upon a classic design that I have been wearing all my life.

Why is it important to support Black-owned brands?

I think it is important to support Black talent and passion. When that comes from a person of color, it is a reflection of our power and natural ability to create "cool." For years, Black people have had to create a whole lot of something out of a whole lot of nothing. Our natural resilience fuels our creativity. You can feel our influence in everything you see. However, the recognition is rarely vocalized so when you see a Black-owned brand, it is important to support because you know what they are creating is coming from a natural and authentic place when it's met with talent and passion.

Photographer: Jamie Ellington Styling: Raymond Gee MUA: Whitney Robinson

Brand: Trent OBN

Designer: Trenton Lavell

Price: $450

I am a haute couture streetwear designer who specializes in men's 2 piece sets. Sourcing fabrics from a multitude of unconventional places, all creations are cut & sewn.

Why have you chosen to create this particular product?

Our brand started as an outlet for men who sought unique denim and other pants options. This evolved into creating full attire as well as one-of-one exclusives.

Why have you chosen to create this particular product?

It is important to have a place where our money and creativity can flourish. Sharing energy, rather monetary or physically, will further develop unity in our community.

Brand: Sunni Sunni

Designer: Sunni Dixon

Price: $1400 - $450 available at SAKS

SUNNI SUNNI’s boots, heels, and mules are a progressive energy with a blend of modern and classic shapes, silhouette-fitting constructions, an introduction of eco-friendly materials, and a downtown vibe that compliments a seasonless style.

Why have you chosen to create this particular product?

I chose to create this because I have loved footwear forever. I didn't realize how much until I moved to NY when I was introduced to the design side of footwear by way of internships with DVF and Saks Private Label.

Why is it important to support Black-owned brands?

It's important to support BOB in fashion because design is a spectrum and we truly do offer a perspective that is naturally different and more vibrant than most non-ethnic American fashion brands. There isn't a difference in quality or value in Black-owned brand’s products. We are just as good as any Euro fashion brand in the world.

Photo Credit: Sunni Sunni Studios

Brand: Grover

Designer: Guy Anthony


Price: $120

GROVER New York is a line of affordable fine leather goods made of 100% leather on the interior and exterior skins. What I love most about our Leather Unisex Messenger “Baldwin” bags is the buttery soft leather and gold hardware and detailing. You get to look incredibly chic WITHOUT breaking the bank.

Why have you chosen to create this particular product?

Most people don’t know that I studied fashion merchandising and marketing in college, so in a way, it’s a return to my roots, my technical training. But I mostly created GROVER New York because I was tired of spending hundreds of dollars on bags solely for the “ designer name” and not for the functionality. I also created this line because there were certain colors that I truly wanted in bags but couldn’t find, hence our first offering, the Baldwin Bag being a bright electric orange! It is truly a show-stopping, conversation-starting bag because of its hue. As a new designer, that’s all one can truly ask for in terms of brand recognition.

Why is it important to support Black-owned brands?

It is incredibly important to support Black-owned brands because visibility matters! I remember when Brandon Blackwood launched his now viral bags, I immediately bought up 4 bags because he was a Black Queer person with great quality bags. Because he did it, I knew I could too. I also think it’s important to support Black-owned brands because Black brands aren’t often seen as “luxury” items, but I’m here to remind folks that BLACK is A LUXURY all by itself. I hope someone reads this and decides to start their own line because the more we flood the market with our own items, the more we are able to re-invest into OUR community.

Photo Credit: Headshot: Sean Howard / Product: Hoshi Joel

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