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USC Quarterback Caleb Williams Is Believed to Be the First to Invest in Company in the NIL Era

University of Southern California quarterback Caleb Williams is wasting no time in the Name Image and Likeness department.

The starting USC gunslinger is believed to be the first college athlete to invest in a company during the NIL era, according to Boardroom.

Earlier in the year, Williams invested in the male grooming brand Faculty, which put him as part owner of the company.

Along with having partial ownership in the company, Williams will be included in campaigns, collaborations, and revenue partnerships, according to WWD.

In addition, Williams is also the first college student-athlete in the name, image and likeness partnership in the men’s grooming, skincare and personal care sector.

“Williams investing in Faculty shows the breadth of possibility for college athletes through their NIL,” sports lawyer and associate professor at Pepperdine University Alicia Jessop said, according to Boardroom. “The deal is an example of a college athlete using endorsement and investment opportunities to not only build his brand but take control of his financial future.”

USC’s faculty sparked interest in Williams, who has a reputation in specific grooming practices, which feature nail care inspired by rappers such as ASAP Rocky and Lil Yachty.

“You know, some people love it, some people hate it,” Williams said. “Either way I don’t really care. I never have been one to care much about what people have to say or think about me. I just kind of do as I feel and if people like it great, if they don’t, whatever. I feel like everyone should express themselves however they choose. If me painting my nails playing football helps some people feel more confident in expressing themselves then great.”

USC’s starting quarterback is setting an example in NIL.

Reportedly, he is making thousands of dollars thanks to deals that include Fanatics Collectibles, AC+ION Water and Beats By Dre.

Williams is leveraging the opportunities while playing football, creating a pathway that may extend well after the game he loves.

The Southern California football player landed a deal shortly after his investment with Faculty through Hawkins Way Capital, which is a Beverly Hills-based real estate private equity fund.

“NIL is a chance to really explore my different interests off the field while building my personal brand the right way,” Williams said to the Boardroom. “Everything I’ve done so far in NIL has been focused on being authentic to my own personality and story. I’m not shying away from being different, and hopefully, that helps other athletes reimagine what they can do in this space.”

Williams also put money into and partnered with Futuremood for a limited-edition line of sunglasses back in August.

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