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Humbl Hustlr Streetwear Brand Launches Second Collection with Footlocker

Humbl Hustlr, the Atlanta-based streetwear and social awareness brand, recently released its latest collection called "The Year of the Hustlr", in partnership with Foot Locker. This is the brand's second release with the retail giant and features four new pieces available online and in local Atlanta-area Foot Locker stores.

Humbl Hustlr, founded by Lorenzo Gordon, profoundly strives to celebrate the accomplishments of those in business and entrepreneurship while showcasing the behind-the-scenes effort that many don’t see when conducting business.

“The ‘Year of The Hustlr Collection’ represents the evolution of a Hustlr’s journey and someone that continues to bet on themselves,” said Gordon. “This collection was inspired by my personal journey with Humbl Hustlr by showing people anything is possible if you bet on yourself.”

The brand also strives to change the narrative by being active in the community and creating change. After all, they are the streetwear brand highlighting the EFFORT in the daily hustle.

The second collection will be available online and in select stores around the Atlanta area including Lenox Mall, Perimeter Mall, Greenbriar Mall, South Lake Mall, West End Mall, South DeKalb Mall, Stone Crest Mall, Mall of Georgia, Cumberland Mall, North Lake Mall and more.

Take a deeper look into Humblr Hustlr by visiting their site

Photos Courtesy of Humbl Hustlr.


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