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Artist and Filmmaker Keithian Channels Destiny's Child's 'Say My Name' in New Music Video 'Chance?'

When it comes to creating music, we search and seek to find inspiration from all avenues. Our music back in the day still has an impact on today's generation of artists. For Cuban filmmaker and musician Keithian, sampling the iconic group Destiny's Child for his new video Chance? was the inspiration he needed to create the summer hit! Talking to Keithian, we got to understand him more and what his music means to him.

What was the inspiration behind picking your song Chance?

That song was inspired by the push and pull moments you go through at the start of a relationship versus the way you feel when you know you have that person. There comes a point when you know what “lines & boundaries” are not to be crossed, but you challenge your leverage. It’s also like pulling the Chance cards in Monopoly.

Tell us more about your artistry. What makes you YOU when it comes to music?

I call my music gumbo music because it’s a little bit of everything that makes me an artist and my artistry. I tend to be a genre-bender of sorts, with Jazz and R&B being my foundation, but Hip Hop, Soul, Latin, Gospel and Reggae have been highly influential to my sound and choices.

Tell me a little about your latest EP Green Clouds. What was the process of creating this body of work?

The process of making my Green Clouds EP was very tough. I lost my brother (who is like a twin to me) and my longtime friend / Mix Mastering engineer. Most of the time I was crying while recording the songs that you hear so every moment is pretty dear to me. I was also able to release a lot of pressure and clarity as it was extremely personal and vulnerable for me to confess the feelings and emotions I had left lingering from my last relationship. TBH, I am unable to choose one favorite, but tell me (hit me on IG) because I love to hear your favorite.

Besides being a musician, you are also a filmmaker. How do you juggle the day-to-day of being both?

I am pretty blessed to consider both careers as art. Therefore, I am an artist and a creative that’s able to create in several mediums by telling stories. As a musician, I get to tell my stories in an artistically expressive way. As a filmmaker, I can create and produce stories in a collective artistic way that allows me to use different skills. It also inspires me to push myself creatively and constructively, which gives me the ability to naturally navigate both in my day-to-day.

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