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Atlanta's Business Elite Attend the 5th Annual Atlanta Fashion & Polo Classic Weekend

This past weekend, Miguel Wilson hosted his 5th Annual Atlanta Fashion and Polo Classic, which included a three-day weekend of high fashion events attended by some of the city's most noticeable business elite and influencers.

Sponsored by Bentley Atlanta and the Corbett Group, the Atlanta Fashion & Polo Classic featured fashion, horses, and more with events such as the "Black Tie Experience", “Polo & Pumps Brunch and Day Party”, “Cocktails and Cigars Under the Stars” and concluded with the Annual Atlanta Fashion & Polo Classic.

Sunday's Fashion and Polo classic featured a 4-chukker polo match, which featured designer and equestrian Miguel Wilson on the field showing his love for the sport while remaining fashionable. Guests were then shuttled back up to the main stable area where they enjoyed line dancing, and fraternity and sorority presentations before enjoying the evening's fashion show.

With over a dozen designers, attendees enjoyed everything from swimwear to loungewear, business casual to groom's wedding gear modeled by men who were recently married and styled in the Miguel Wilson collection. As the fashion presentation grew to a close, Miguel entered the runway on horseback as he thanked the designers, guests, and everyone who continues to support the mission.

With all proceeds going to the Ride to the Olympics Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to support kids who desire to pursue equestrian activities but often lack the resources, The Atlanta Fashion & Polo Classic serves as the biggest fundraising event for the organization.

"Our goal is to raise money for the Ride to the Olympics Foundation so that we can continue to provide equestrian experiences to the youth, create more all-Black polo teams, and create more polo teams at HBCUs. And ultimately, we want to send a Black person to the Olympics to compete in equestrian sports, which has never been done,” Wilson said.

Wilson also shared, “I’m so appreciative of everyone who showed up and showed out this year. “With this being our fifth year, it’s safe to say that we’re no longer the new kids on the block, but now a staple in the community.”

Photo Credit: Paul Biagui/Phil Jackson


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