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Edwin Hodge Joins 'FBI: Most Wanted' With the Hope of Shedding Light on Black People in the Agency

Photo: Mark Schafer/CBS

Edwin Hodge is the latest actor to join the hit CBS series FBI: Most Wanted. In the upcoming episode titled Taxman, Hodge’s character Ray Cannon was introduced as a new team member in the Fugitive Task Force as they hunt down a mysterious killer targeting IRS offices.

Hodge was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina but raised in New York. He is the older brother of actor Aldis Hodge. He is previously known for his work in the FX series Mayans Mc and as the character Dante Bishop in The Purge film franchise, and made his television debut on the television series New York Undercover.

The new task member took some time to chat with The Quintessential Gentleman about his new role in FBI: Most Wanted.

Tell us about your character and why it was important for you to join the series this season.

Ray Cannon is the son of a retired FBI agent. He spent ten years as a police officer in New Orleans before Remy chose him to be a part of his team. It was important for me to be a part of a show like this because I love telling stories that have depth when focusing on character development and speaking truth to the daily sociological, political and judicial events that are relevant within our society.

How did you prepare for the role?

I’ve been preparing for a role like this for a while as I worked on past TV shows and films. I look back on my career and I’ve taken on roles that have put me in the business of saving people and taking down the bad guy business. From Red Dawn to Chicago Fire, The Purge franchise and SIX… It’s all led to this moment in my career. Ray’s personality isn’t too far off from mine, so that helps a lot. The focus is simply to make him interesting to the audience.

How does your character and the series shed light on the role of Black men in the FBI?

Less than five percent of the FBI consists of Black men and women. I’d like to think taking on this role brings focus and reshapes the image of Black people for those who want to keep us in a specific box. We’ve achieved so much through constant adversity. Law enforcement being one of them. James Wormley Jones became our first Black FBI agent in 1919 and Sylvia E Mathis became our first Black female agent in 1976. I’m not sure a lot of people know their names. I hope they do now.

Your character Ray has a connection with New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina, which will be explored. How did you apply your own familiarity with New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina to the role?

What I know of Katrina is what I’ve been told by people who’ve experienced it and the media coverage of it. I know that a lot of people were truly displaced in life due to the lack of aid that wasn’t present. A lot of lives were lost and there wasn’t much hope. Without giving too much away, I’ll say we want to make sure Ray’s journey is driven by his experience in New Orleans and stays true to those who actually lived his life.

You have a sibling in the Hollywood acting industry, Aldis Hodge. Can you talk about how you help each other as brothers in the industry, and what advice would you give to Black siblings working within the acting industry?

Aldis is my Ace! We’re blessed to have a mother who raised us to truly love and support each other. For a while, Al and I have had two very different paths in the business though we were fortunate to work with each other on a few occasions. We’ve always been each other’s biggest support system. We knew and understood what succeeding in this industry meant to us. We’ve shared in each other's success and both had our low moments. It was a blessing to have someone so close to you cheering you on even when you had doubts. My advice to siblings is to remember you’re always family first and never competition. Help each other reach their highest potential and when you hit the pinnacle, go further.

How do you want to see Ray Cannon develop as the series progresses?

I want Ray to develop in a way that’s relatable, yet different, charming and sometimes flawed. I don’t want people to know his next move. Is he more "by the book" or possibly a loose cannon? He’s someone who is reliable and willing to always put his best foot forward to get the job done nonetheless. That’s what makes him fun to portray.

The Taxman episode of FBI: Most Wanted airs Tuesday, Sept. 27 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, will be available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+

Photo Credit: Mark Schafer/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved


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