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3 Reasons Why Google's Pixel Buds Pro Are the Best Earbuds Out

Ever since headphones cut the cords, it has been tough for many to find headphones that work for all of their needs. From getting the best sound quality to being able to work out uninterrupted, consumers have been on the hunt to find the perfect earbuds. And now, the competition for the best headphones is at its highest and it's having customers debating on being brand loyal or figuring out what works best for them regardless of the company.

Check out why Google's Pixel Buds Pro are the best earbuds out right now!

The Perfect Fit

No, one size does not fit all! One of my biggest pet peeves for cordless headphones is its inability to stay in my ear. I have lost two air pods on the train tracks, and when I'm working out, I am unable to do full-motion workouts because they fall out of my ears. Trying to find the perfect fit for headphones is hard when you can't try them on before purchasing so oftentimes you purchase them and then have to return them if they don't work. I'm happy to share that I will not have to return my Google Pixel Buds Pro.

When I place the Pixel Buds Pro in my ears, I often forget that they are in. They also come pre-attached with medium ear tips with a set of small and large tips if you need to improve your fit. But also make sure that the earbuds are placed in your ear correctly. Ensuring that the Pixel Buds Pro are inserted properly in your ear helps with the sound and the performance. I am able to shake my head or do jumping jacks without them following out.

Cancel the Noise

I'm always weary when brands say they have noise cancellation because, in my experience, it doesn't always work. I still have trouble hearing music or a person on the phone when wearing the headphones. When you put in the Pixel Buds Pro, even with no audio, you can instantly hear the difference in the sound of your surroundings. The Pixel Buds Pro uses Silent Seal technology, which adapts to your unique ear shape to ensure that as much noise as possible is being canceled.

Gestures For The Win

If the perfect fit and noise cancellations were not enough to sway you over to the Google Pixel Buds Pro side, its gestures will. It has the usual features like tapping one time to play music and answer calls, as well as, double tapping to end calls or to skip to the next song. But if you triple tap, you can rewind or listen to the previous song. To increase the volume, you simply use your finger to swipe your Pixel Buds Pro to your preferred volume. If you hold down your earbud, you are able to toggle between Active Noice Control and Transparency modes (this can be changed using the Pixel Buds Pro App only available in the Google Play Store). The best part of the gestures is that it works with both the left and the right earbud.

The Google Pixel Buds Pro have been my primary earbuds since they have been linked to my phone. Google's newest earbuds are perfect for the gym enthusiast, entrepreneur, or student. For $199, the Google Pixel Buds Pro are a must-have.

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