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Five Reasons You Should Be Looking at the Google Pixel 6a as Your Next Phone

Remember the days when you used to pull out your Blackberry or palm pilot to get your work done while on the go? It was the beginning of being able to work where ever you had service. But now technology has advanced and your work phone and personal phone have merged. But there’s still something about having a phone that is dedicated only to work. Here’s five reasons the new Google Pixel 6a should be on the top of the list for entrepreneurs.

The Power of Search

Google is the master of search and the new pixel allows you to not only search on the internet but it allows you to search the entire phone. You can search anything from a device setting to an app shortcut. My favorite feature is the Pixel Launcher search bar. It makes it easy to search, ask your Google Assistant and search via your camera.

Making Calls to Businesses Just Got Easier

For entrepreneurs who are always making calls to other businesses and are waiting a long time for a representative, the Google Pixel 6a just made it easier. You are able to type in the Toll-Free Number and see what the current and projected wait times are, which will allow you to figure out what’s the best day and time to call.

One hack is to find the best day and time to call and tell Google to set a reminder to have you call the number. But if you still don’t want to wait, Google Assistant can do what it does best, assist. With Google's "Hold for Me" function, your Google Assistant will wait on hold for you and notify you when the customer service representative is ready to speak with you.

Google Lens Translating

With new technology, Google has the ability to live translate. If you take a picture of text in another language, the Google Pixel 6a can detect it and translate the text to over 55 languages offline and 104 languages online. For the content creator who travel often, this is perfect for getting around foreign countries especially maneuvering their transit systems.

Smaller is Better

We live in an era where when it comes to phones, the industry will make us believe bigger is better. But Google has released a compact option and its latest release is the perfect size. The 6a has a 6.1 - inch display, which is smaller than it’s the previous base model. It’s flat, sleek and perfect for slipping in your pocket or inside your bum bag. Holding the phone just feels comfortable and is able to be used with ease. The fingerprint scanner is placed perfectly and allows easy access to opening the phone.

Magic Eraser

For content creators and business owners who are constantly taking images with their phones, Google’s latest software will save you from using a graphic designer or Adobe. The Magic Eraser, the feature that allows you to remove people or objects out of your photos, is easy to use and is pretty consistent. The features ability to notice the surrounding area and fill in the background is pretty impressive without using a software on a computer.

The Google Pixel 6a is definitely a phone that can empower the business owner and entrepreneur. With its sleek and beautiful design, the new pixel it’s a perfect option for anyone looking to upgrade their phone or purchase a new one. The Google Pixel 6a is available for purchase on July 28.

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Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman
Sep 19, 2022

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