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AspireTV Celebrates 10 Years of Quality Programming for Black Culture

The television network aspireTV recently celebrated its 10th anniversary with a celebration at Chef G. Garvin’s LowCountry Steak Restaurant that explored the progress that the network has made over the past decade. Being a network that reflects the Black culture and urban lifestyle, they aimed to continue digging deeper into the culture for more great and quality programming.

Over the past decade, aspireTV has expanded its programming to offer lifestyle programming, reality series, specials, and independent films as well as beloved dramas, contemporary comedies, and insightful documentaries that allow you to connect and… "see yourself here," as the company slogan says.

The celebration was attended by aspireTV talent, executives, and guests including but not limited to: Chef G. Garvin (G. Garvin Live!), Vee Prince (aspireTV MKTPLC), Nakia Stephens (Founder, Damn Write Originals), Michaele Tocco (Chaos To Calm), Chef Kristol Bryant (Taste of Philly wt), Jaliel Thurman (HBCU101), Tolly Carr (HBCU101, No Huddle), Charles Humbard (UP Entertainment CEO and Founder) and Angela Cannon (aspireTV SVP, Multicultural Networks & Strategy)

To learn more about the network and see if it's available in your area visit aspireTV online.

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