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The Best Ways To Care For Your Tanzanite Jewelry

What is Tanzanite?

Discovered in 1967, Tanzanite is the blue/violet component of the mineral zoisite. It was first known as blue zoisite and was renamed Tanzanite after its source or origin. The stone grew in popularity after American Jewelers, Tiffany & Co. made a campaign around it which claimed that Tanzanite was the most remarkable discovery in over 2000 years.

The rarity of Tanzanite

Although highly popular, Tanzanite is incredibly rare. Authentic jewelry with this beautiful gemstone is known for how rare each piece is. Unlike diamonds which can be found in different corners of the world, the only source of acquiring Tanzanite is from Tanzania. Another reason that makes this gemstone rare is that evaluation experts believe that Tanzanite mines will run out in the coming decades. It means that our current timeline is the only possible one for us to gain access to the gemstone.

Benefits of Tanzanite

Beyond serving as a beautiful gemstone or as a jewelry addition, Tanzanite is also beneficial in many ways. Since it originates from a mineral, Tanzanite holds properties that can benefit our health and wellbeing too. Here's a look at three benefits we can get from this beautiful gemstone.

  1. Helps segregate emotions: As humans, we deal with a varying range of emotions. Sometimes it can be challenging to find a level of control and a balance between all our feelings. Tanzanite beads hold a healing property that helps us find this balance and allows us to be more calm.

  2. Physical healing: The Tanzanite gemstone can help with keeping hair loss, skin issues, psychological issues, etc., at bay. It also gives the wearer the strength and energy to overcome any physical or psychological challenge.

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  1. Improves intuition: If you're ever in a place of uncertainty, Tanzanite can help you gain better intuition about different situations. Wearing Tanzanite bracelets will help you connect with the gemstone's energy and boost your intuitive thinking.

  2. Helps improve meditation practices: Tanzanite helps to strengthen your chakras and balance your energies. If there is a meditation result that you are struggling to achieve, using tanzanite rings during your process will allow you to you feel more focused and help you achieve your goal.

Caring for Tanzanite Jewelry

Since Tanzanite is a rare gemstone to come across, each piece of authenticated jewelry is a significantly valuable treasure. For those who are fortunate enough to own tanzanite jewelry, it is necessary to look after the jewelry with great care. To make sure you take the best steps in maintaining the quality of your Tanzanite ornaments, here are a few ways how you can look after them.

  1. Storing tanzanite jewelry: Because of its rare and delicate nature, you have to make sure to keep all pieces of tanzanite jewelry as safely as possible. Using jewelry boxes lined with velvet will allow you to store the ornaments safely without the chance of damage. Visit a local jewelry box store and pick up one that you feel is best suited for your tanzanite jewelry.

  2. Re-polishing Tanzanite: With wear and use over time, the gemstones can lose their shine or get scratches on them. To help restore the jewelry, you can get it re-polished by a reputable lapidary.

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  1. Cleaning Tanzanite jewelry: If the need to thoroughly clean your Tanzanite jewelry arises, avoid using any harsh chemical to do so. Instead, take warm, light soapy water and soak the ornaments for 20-30 minutes. After that, gently rub each piece with a towel to get rid of any persistent cloudiness on your jewelry.

  2. Avoid rigorous use: Tanzanite is a soft and delicate gemstone. Using it actively in your daily routine can lead it to get damaged easily. Instead, choose to wear them occasionally and with proper care.

  3. Re-storing loose Tanzanite: Since the gemstone is used on a variety of ornaments, the chances are that after a certain period of time, it may appear to get loose. To restore any loose gemstones, make sure to visit a reputable jeweler who has experience with Tanzanite work. They will know how to handle and care for the piece of jewelry without causing it any damage.

Tanzanite gemstones are one of the rarest and most treasured gemstones to exist. While not everyone is fortunate to own a tanzanite piece, those who are, get to add a beautiful and valuable piece to their jewelry collection.

Since these ornaments are a one-of-a-kind treasure, it's necessary to take proper care of them and keep them safe. It will help your jewelry pieces retain their original beauty and shine for decades to come.


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