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Four Countries Black Men Should Visit in 2022

For some, travel is about experiences and cultural immersion. For others, it may be about relaxation and unwinding. Travel provides us with the ability to let loose, meet new people, experience culture and even find ourselves. It provides us with a refreshed perspective that induces personal growth and self-reflection. Thus, if these are the experiences Black men are looking for, these four countries do just that and provide the luxury many of us desire and they will certainly not run our pockets dry.


Colombia Photo by Reiseuhu on Unsplash

Colombia is more than sex, work and drugs. This country is captivating. It is a country where you can decide to travel where you want to, based on the vibe and climate that you prefer. Black men would appreciate Cartagena because WE are present everywhere. It is important to note that you will find Black people and their culture in many coastal cities of Colombia, especially in Choco. Seeing so many Black people made me feel like I was at home, especially when I was in Cartagena eating some of the same foods that we prepared in my home country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I felt a sense of kinship when the locals would call to me, “Mi Color,” as they pointed to their skin to show me that they considered us as one people. Aside from culture and cities like Palenque, which was the first free Afro town for enslaved people in the Americas and is a place you should visit, Colombia has other sites to see. Places such as El Tutumo, the picturesque beaches, as well as the energetic nightclubs and bars. But most importantly, you won't have to empty your bank account to have a good time in this scenic country.

Canada (Toronto)

Toronto Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

To the north of the USA, many of Canada’s major cities are easily accessible by driving from some of the USA's northern cities like New York, Detroit and Seattle. I have heard many good things about the western Canadian city of Vancouver, hence the reason it is on my bucket list, but I know all too well that Toronto is the place to be. It is about an 8-hour drive from New York City, which driving from a city like NYC will allow you to see Niagara Falls on your way. One of the festivals that I think you should visit in Toronto is Caribana, which will give you a taste of the Caribbean in Canada. Caribana usually takes place from the end of July into August. Stay Downtown and eat at many of the trendy restaurants in the city. If you are into shopping malls, Yorkdale and Eaton Center will grab your interest. Also, the Canadian dollar is weaker than the US dollar, so I certainly recommend doing some shopping while there to save a few bucks.

El Salvador

Cuba Photo by Spencer Everett on Unsplash

Black men should head to El Salvador because it will blow their minds. The narrative that the media touts about this beautiful Central American nation is different from the reality. Apart from the Instagram famous Rainbow slide, a restaurant called Picnic Stake House is an all-around breathtaking experience. El Salvador offers you the opportunity to unwind in a tranquil country that frankly many people do not talk much about positively. Also, if you are interested in cryptocurrency, El Salvador should be on your bucket list. It was the first country to make Bitcoin its national currency. And it is the only country where it is not uncommon to purchase food, clothes, a hotel stay, etc. using Bitcoin. It is a destination that can lend new experiences, like surfing. Altogether, I think El Salvador is the place that will bring a man out of his box, pushing us to try new things.


El Salvador Photo by Esaú González on Unsplash

Cuba is certainly one of the best experiences that I've had while traveling. Again, you will feel at home when you visit. We are everywhere. And because I know some of our brothers love a good Cuban cigar, this is the place to get them and even make them yourself. There is a bounty of experiences to enjoy in Cuba, from the Afro Cuban religion tour to a trip to Varadero. Do not forget to spend a night at one of the many Salsa Clubs such as Tropicana, grab some Mojitos, and dance the night away. Remember to add to your list, a trip to Santiago de Cuba, which came highly recommended when I was in Cuba. After all, they say that Santiago is Cuba’s cultural capital, and it too has a very large afro population.

So, if you are looking for culture, fun and adventure, these recommendations should suffice. Happy travels.

By: Asshur Cunningham, Founder of @YoungBlackTravelers.

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