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(Video) Suffering In Silence: Mental Health Virtual Event For Black Men

Black man, there is power in making your mental health your top priority. The conversation around Black men and mental health is scarce. Although times are changing and more people are starting to engage and discuss the importance of mental health, Black men are often left out of the conversation. Depression, anxiety, past trauma, suicidal thoughts and other factors all contribute to our relationship with mental health. Generational teachings have taught us that we should not cry, show emotion and always be strong. Those teachings led many of us to believe in the “Man Up” logic.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated - Kappa Xi Lambda Chapter also known as the Wall Street Alphas continued to support its brothers and the community with a mental health event during Mental Health Awareness Month. The chapter hosted a virtual event aimed to serve as a platform that allowed Black men to not feel alone while coming together to share their experiences and heal. Through communion, guest speakers, and an important discussion the organization hopes to help end the stigma of Black men and their mental health.

The Wall Street Alphas partnered with The Quintessential Gentleman to bring a night of healing to Black men. During the virtual event, the attendees heard from a panel of experts on how to not only identify mental health issues like depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety but also tips that can be used to help with these issues. We will also discuss the barriers of treatment from a cultural perspective and how Black and Brown men can access resources. The panel included Michael King (therapist), Steve Alexander, Jr. (therapist), Dr. Ulrick Vieux (psychiatrist), Aaron Warrick (co-founder of the REJUApp), Trent Out Loud (author of How Sneakers Saved My Life) and moderated by QG Editor-in-Chief Eric K. Thomas.

Check out the full conversation below.

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tom ferna
tom ferna
20 de out. de 2022

I believe that mental health, like physical health, should be prioritized. As a result, if I detect any indicators of a psychiatric condition, I prefer to take immediate action. I find a counsellor because it is the quickest and most efficient approach for me to get rid of any terrible condition.

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