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Love Match Atlanta's Lamont White Gives Tips on Dating and When Couples Should Seek Counseling

Lamont Scales White has not only taken Atlanta by storm with his matchmaking abilities but now he has the opportunity to share his expertise with the world. He recently made his debut on Bravo's new reality show Love Match Atlanta with some of Atlanta's most respected Match Makers.

Lamont got his start in 2014 when he used his psychology background and Match Making Certification to help people find love. Known as The Gay Dating Coach and founder of, he has matched hundreds of couples over his career. We recently got the chance to chat with him about his TV journey, dating tips and signs to look for in your relationship.

Lamont discussed the proper way to date with these few dating tips:

  • You have to put yourself out there - You'll never find your mate if you're working all of the time and you're at home - Go where singles are and do things that you like to do for fun.

  • You have to say hello - You have to approach the person you're interested in. It's the art of starting small talk.

  • You have to ask for the telephone number and plan a date - Don't text, email, or find them on social media. Call the person.

  • Don't do dinner dates, drinks, or lunch - Set the environment by doing an activity. Do something where you're moving around because that builds chemistry.

  • Consistency - How you start is how you should maintain.

For people who are in relationships, you must do the work in order to maintain it. Check out some signs that you may need to seek counseling in your relationship:

  1. If communication is lacking

  2. If you feel like you aren't being heard

  3. If you aren't intimate with your partner

Check out the full conversation below.

To learn more about Lamont and his services visit his website. Catch Lamont on Love Match Atlanta every Sunday at 9 pm EST on Bravo.


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