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Jarred Carter and Jevaris Little Are Creating a Lane With The Red Lady Rum Punch

Birthed from the idea to make a few extra dollars while providing a memorable experience for party-goes, The Red Lady Rum Punch has transitioned into a brand to watch and taste. Founder Jarred Carter and partner Jevaris Little chat with us about the journey to national distribution, elevation, and allowing the world to share in The Red Lady Rum Punch experience.

Jarred talks about the inspiration behind the red lady on the logo.

When I was growing up, my mom used to always make punches and she used to call them ladies. We had the Purple Lady and the Green Lady. We never had a red lady because it was Kool-Aid. The minute I made this punch in the kitchen, I was like Red Lady. I tried to get away from it. Listening to people in your ear saying don't call it a woman, it might be too sexual. It took about 90 days and I couldn't switch it. So here we are, it's catchy. One thing that is deliberate on the bottle is that the lady is brown.

The guys discuss how important it is to have the right team when growing a business.

Despite us having the business for a couple of years, we're still a startup and that's mostly because of the ability to scale up and the capital needed in order to be a successful liquor brand. I believe, between now in the next six months, it's going to be a lot of hiring people. We just brought a promo team and then we're slowly but surely accumulating the right individuals. I think people get caught up in a team. I think knowing where your vision is, where you're going, and then figuring out exactly what you need. Everybody needs people to spread the word.

The guys talk about overcoming objections while growing their brand.

This kind of conversation we have probably on a weekly basis. The no's is motivation. It doesn't deter us from our message or our end goal. At the end of the day, we do have the infrastructure to help us get to where we need to be like our distributors. The no's fueled us for going out and finding the yes. So we keep pounding the pavement and keep the message. The main thing is just to keep going.

See the full interview below.

To purchase your bottle, visit The Red Lady Rum Punch Online.


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