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Chris and Calvin Lamont Inspire Generational Change in New HGTV Show 'Buy It or Build It'

Who doesn't enjoy an HGTV show that inspires the aspiring homeowner or inner builder? HGTV is launching a new show titled Buy It or Build It, hosted by twin brothers Chris and Calvin Lamont. With over 12 years of experience, Chris and Calvin plan to showcase the building back of communities across the nation and help make families' dreams of homeownership a reality, while reestablishing economic growth and stability.

During our conversation, we learned that the process to get the brothers on television actually took about six years from the time that the first talent manager discovered them and introduced them to four production companies. Over the course of that time, the concept changed a few times and it wasn't until 2020 that the Buy it or Build it concept was solidified. Ultimately, Discovery and HGTV loved the concept and greenlit six episodes.

When asked what the experience taught them about continuing to push, they shared.

Calvin: Keep your head down and work and things will fall into place if you're doing it the right way. It was everything in our real life, in our real business that prepared us for getting the No's. It taught us perseverance through those things.

Both Calvin and Chris are fathers, which we will have the opportunity to see on the show. The brothers talk about the importance of bringing the family into this experience and what it means to them.

Calvin: Family is everything to us. We actually do everything around family. We sacrifice to make our families better. I love how the show incorporates our family. Our showrunners and our production always give us the opportunity to show more family and the dichotomy of the Black family. Everybody knows that we want to show everything that we have to offer.

Check out the full interview below.

No doubt this has been a long journey for Chris and Calvin, but one thing they never did was give up. The new HGTV series Buy It or Build It airs Wednesday, May 18th.


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