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Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Luxurious

The bathroom is an often neglected area of our home. We do everything we can to keep it clean and in good order, but it often takes a lot for us to consider any major kinds of renovations. If you were to ask many people, however, they’d likely talk about how much they’d love a more luxurious and splendid bathroom space.

Below are some ideas you might explore if you’re one of those people thinking about sprucing up the bathroom with some new and fresh features.

1. Concrete Bathtub

These don’t come cheap, but freestanding concrete bathtubs are an absolutely stunning centerpoint to any bathroom. There’s a reason that many of the world’s leading luxury and 5-star hotels use free-standing bathtubs in their guest rooms and suites, and that’s for their beauty and the “wow” factor they provide.

Having a bath instead of a shower is usually a time for opulence and relaxation rather than economy. If you want your bathroom to look really high-end, therefore, it’s a good idea to invest well in quality and stunning bathtub, and concrete bathtubs give you that. There’s a sense of grandeur that other furnishings struggle to equal.

2. New Walk-in Shower

If there’s no space for a bathtub, or you’re happy with your existing tub, then why not invest in making the shower a more luxurious experience. A walk-in shower with a vertical rainfall showerhead, perhaps even side jets or a steam shower feature can really make the difference between a typical and luxurious bathroom. There’s no reason a shower can’t be the luxury option in your home.

Walk-in showers with simple glass barriers can also make a bathroom look larger by removing the need for cubicle walls and doors. They instead use the existing space in the room and simply add a barrier (or not) to add a splash guard to stop water from getting the toilet or washbasin area wet. That can have the effect of making the room feel larger.

3. Use Softer, More Sumptuous Textiles

Perhaps altering the fixtures and fittings of your bathroom isn’t an option. Fear not! There’s more you can do, such as replacing old scraggly towels and robes with new larger, softer and more sumptuous textiles in terry cloth and other similar fabrics. There’s nothing that feels better than wrapping yourself in big lovely towels or in a soft robe after showering or taking a bath. It continues the sense of relaxation and enjoyment and feels fantastic against the skin.

Buy as few or as many towels as you need to make your bathroom feel nicer. Bathroom textiles are not something you have to tackle all at once like major renovations. You can steadily add to your collection as time and budget allows.

4. Install Large Mirrors

Mirrors are useful in every room of the house when you want the space to feel grander and larger. Investing in nice mirrors for your bathroom also lends a feeling of luxury to the space. You can either go opulent and get full-length mirrors with fancy frames, or you can go a bit more high-tech and get anti-fogging mirrors for above the sink that comes with built-in lights and other additions to make shaving and fixing one’s hair after showering easier.

5. Use Hotel-Style Air Fresheners

Finally, have you ever noticed that 5-star hotel bathrooms and toilets always smell fantastic? Investing in beautiful fragrances will do wonders for your bathroom. The best tool you can get is a timed scent release product that will give a burst of that fresh scent every 30 minutes or however you program it. That’s the secret to an ongoing fresh bathroom smell!


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