Turned Gentleman: Batwoman’s Nick Creegan

With The Batman dominating the box office, another year has gone by that the classic comic book character has made its way into popular culture once again. Batman is one of the most iconic figures in modern history. The DC comic book has spanned from action figures, to film, and television. The character has spun into many spin-offs such as The CW’s Batwoman. Nick Creegan is one of the stars of the hit show. The actor isn’t just any character. Creegan made history when he became the first Black actor to portray the popular Joker.

The David Makes Man actor plays Marquis Jet, a sexy playboy business tycoon with a mysterious side to him. Fans watched Season 3 of Batwoman not knowing what to expect. In Episode 5, fans were stunned to see Creegan transform into The Joker.

“When I found out that I would be portraying this role, I initially got really nervous,” Creegan says.

It’s natural for an actor to feel pressured when stepping into a role like The Joker. Joaquin Phoenix and Heath Ledger both won Oscars when they portrayed the mad clown. Jack Nicholson and Jared Leto also took on the iconic role.

“I got excited. I thought if they’ve done it, I could put my own spin on it,” Creegan says when thinking about past joker actors. “I was really excited. I put my own swag and charisma into it.”