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Terrence J, Don Benjamin and Tosin Morohunfola Attend Atlanta Screening of ‘North of the 10’

This past Monday, North of the 10 held its Atlanta screening featuring some of the cast, including Terrence J, Don Benjamin, Tosin Morohunfola, Wes “Wuz Good” Armstrong, Director Rhyan LaMarr, Executive Producer Bishop Dr. Eric Garnes, and many more.

North of the 10 that takes you on a journey back to 2008 where five friends who reside in Chicago not only have Hollywood dreams but most importantly are there for one another as they chase these dreams. The bromance-comedy dives deep into the failures of each individuals’ goals and displays how much they need one another to just keep going. The film even defines love in its purest form as Cam, played by Don Benjamin, falls in love with the wealthy daughter, played by Nefetari Al Demerdah, whose family is from the United Arab Emirates. Cam assumed that he needed to be rich and famous to keep her, but it could be that very thought that leaves him all alone.

The film will also have you laughing the entire time as the jokes were nonstop. It’s no coincidence as Red Guerrilla Entertainment makes it a point to keep its audience not only engaged but makes you want to be better each day.

At the event, Benjamin shared his perspective on making it into the entertainment industry. Everyone’s journey is different, “it could be a year or it can even be 10 years, however never give up on yourself,” Benjamin explained.“Networking is key too. Don’t just rely on one group of people and never be afraid to assert yourself.” Know what your value brings to a group of people and apply it.

Check out the trailer below.

North of the 10 is now streaming on BET+.


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