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Nigel Graham Shares the Importance of Black Families Being Properly Insured

Nigel Graham is an insurance broker who has made it his mission to assist small businesses, individuals, and families with finding insurance plans that will meet their health and life insurance needs.

In 2014, Graham founded DMV Healthy Insurance LLC in Largo, Maryland to provide a physical location for his clients but make no mistake, he makes himself available on a national level. He feels that throughout his career he brings integrity, knowledge, and kindness to the industry, which is something you need when learning your clients and providing the best products for them.

"I have over 15 years of experience working with individuals, families, seniors, and small business owners. My customers know I am working in their best interest based on their stated needs and price points. I keep customers updated on policy or plan changes that will impact them. The most important quality I bring to the industry is kindness. I care about people and want each person I engage with to have a great experience and improved health outcomes," says Nigel.

When it comes to insurance, we have to have these uncomfortable conversations with one another in order to educate our community about the importance of life insurance. We have all heard about or know people who died without having their affairs in order. The goal of Nigel and his company is to provide answers to any and all of the questions you may have. Those conversations allow you to learn more about what personal assets have special meaning and how loved ones will be taken care of when you are no longer around. This is what a will and trust are for, it helps you ensure your final wishes are honored by memorializing them in writing to reduce confusion.

Although most people don't take it seriously, both life insurance and medical insurance are a way people can protect themselves from risk. Having proper health insurance prevents people from paying their entire medical bill when they receive covered services; instead, they make a small copayment, a fraction of the whole amount owed. Life insurance is also a tool that financially knowledgeable people use not only to protect loved ones but they use it as another form of income. The most common plan that builds up cash value is Whole Life policies. These policies have provisions that allow the policy owner to take out a cash-value loan. These policies are different from Term life policies with a termination date that does not build cash value. The death benefit on insurance policies can fund wills trusts and pay for final expenses. The money received from insurance policies by beneficiaries is not taxable and is often away for a loved one to provide for another even in their absence.

Having life insurance is a way to preserve a person's legacy, which is important because it defines what a person accomplished during their lifetime along with the people and places they have impacted. Nigel strives to continue creating a legacy that allows him to educate and inspire customers in our on the benefits of being protected and insured.

To connect with Nigel and learn more about the benefits of insurance, contact him online.

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