Kenny Gravillis Creates the KEY to Music, TV and Films

Think back to growing up in the early to mid-90s and 2000s. In the Hip-Hop and R&B industry, an album cover was everything. It was the first presentation of a new body of work. How it came about and how it was presented to audiences meant everything. One thing for sure is the team that creates those visionary designs spend hours and days making sure the artist and the record label get what they need. That’s where someone like Kenny Gravillis comes into play.

In 1989, in New York City, Kenny started as a junior designer for the famously known record label, Def Jam Records. He went on to create album cover art for the likes of LL Cool J, Heavy D and The Boys, Mary J. Blige, the late Notorious B.I.G., and a plethora more. Coming from London, Kenny would listen to English bands Depeche Mode and Fine Young Cannibals but he fell in love with Hip-Hop. It was what he consumed daily and it was a part of him.

Def Jam was only the beginning mark of his influential and entrepreneurial career. “That’s how I ended up getting into entertainment, from doing album covers from my Def Jam days. From there, I sort of said, ‘I was Def Jam, Def Jam was a family.’” From working in a family-like environment with Def Jam to working in a more corporate setting at MCA Records, Kenny felt the need for change even though it sounded crazy. It was when he met his wife and business partner DeAnna, who was also with Def Jam, that he was encouraged to step out and be his own boss.