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Why People Who Take Care of Their Appearance are Successful

You’ve heard that phrase: “You only get one chance to make a first impression”. While it seems a tad unfair, it is completely true. Whether you’re in an interview, meeting a new friend, or even on a first date, it takes just 27 seconds for someone to make their minds up about you, and that’s not long at all!

Well-Groomed Is Halfway There

Non-verbal human communications make up between 70-93% of our impression of someone, and a lot of that comes down to clothing choices and appearance, as well as mannerisms and body language.

Being well-groomed is a great first step to making a good impression on whoever you are speaking with. A neat haircut, clean and pressed clothing, near facial hair, and clean nails will go a long way to improving your first impressions with everyone.

It’s not just other people either; studies have shown that if you look good (by whatever standards you personally have for ‘looking good’), then you will feel good. Your serotonin levels will rise, and you will walk taller and feel more confident.

It’s All In The Products

Over the last few years, the male grooming industry has really boomed. There has been a big call for decent products made, especially for men. The London Grooming Company, a global company dedicated to providing men with high-quality skincare, hair care, and beard care products, has seen a big increase in demand from men who want to look their best in all situations.

There’s been an increase in what was considered ‘old fashioned’ male grooming, too, with traditional razors and beard brushes selling in their millions and entire Reddit subs dedicated to traditional shaving and skincare for men that harkens back to days when a man’s appearance was something to be proud of and something he would be harshly judged on for not keeping up.

Being Well Groomed Leads To Better Self Esteem

Have you ever looked in the mirror in the morning and thought, “why do I bother?”. This happens to men, especially after a heavy night that may have included over-indulging in alcohol or other vices.

This 3-second question can have a knock-on effect for the rest of the day, leading to lower self-confidence and self-esteem all day. If you’re not feeling at your best, you will make mistakes, you’re likely to be irritable and more grumpy than usual, and you won’t be on point to really take advantage of opportunities as they come to you.

Improving your grooming regime can really help to boost your self-esteem. It will take a few weeks for a good skincare regime to really make a difference, but if you coupled that with a better diet, less alcohol, more sleep, and a good exercise regime, you’ll be feeling the benefits not just in your looks but in your entire body.

Once you feel healthier, you’ll look healthier, and you’ll be able to face every day as the strong and confident man you are.


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