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AFROPUNK Launches Black Fashion Accelerator Mentor Program

If you're familiar with AfroPunk, you can be sure that they are always aiming to not only reach new innovative heights but also to remain dedicated to eliminating obstacles in entrepreneurship and creative expression in marginalized communities. In the newest venture, the global brand has partnered with Shopify to launch the Black Fashion Accelerator — an intensive program created to elevate aspiring Black fashion designers on the path to growing their businesses.

The Black Fashion Accelerator program will span six months, offering the inaugural class access to experts and resources, including Program Mentor Chris Bevans, creative director at DYNE, plus three guest mentors who will help guide the process — as they journey through a top-tier curriculum that allows them the opportunity to bloom as artists and build successful, sustainable, and profitable businesses.

Of the nine chosen creators, four of them are men who are changing the way we view fashion: Archie Clay III & Tajh Crutch, Corin Lindsay, Paakow Essandoh, and Sylvester Ndhlovu. Under the guidance of noted fashion Bevans, they will learn how to grow and maintain a profitable business while flourishing as creatives and distinct individuals with unique skills to offer the world.

Learn more about the program here.


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