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FOX Sports Films and UNINTERRUPTED Premieres Season 3 of ‘Elite Youth’

Everyone’s story is different. There may be some highs as well as lows, however, your heart and will to succeed can never be taken away. FOX Sports Films and UNINTERRUPTED, premiered season 3 of the highly anticipated series Elite Youth on January 6. Over four weeks, the series will not only highlight some of the world’s top young basketball prospects but will also display just how important it is to keep fighting no matter what. Their journey will be captured through FOX’s entertaining lens.

While many of the top players dealt with the woes of the pandemic that halted state championship games in 2020, this opportunity provides a much-needed breath of fresh air. The Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL) created a two-week bubble format similar to what the NBA did during the 2019-2020 season where teams were housed in a central location to combat the COVID-19 virus. These rising stars will be laying it all on the floor as they compete for college scholarships, as well as state bragging rights. While the stakes are high, such an opportunity can be life-changing for all that are involved as college coaches and scouts will be in attendance for extensive recruiting.

NBA star Carmelo Anthony, who will appear on the series, described the EYBL as an “intense environment where you cannot only feel the tension, but also the energy.” UNINTERRUPTED has taken it upon themselves to continue to stand out by daring to tell not just any story, but a story that empowers athletes to not only be great but to make those around them great as well. The series truly does that, as high school coaches can be heard motivating the players in a way that lights the fire under them to go all out. "The competitive atmosphere will separate the kids that really want it, from the kids that just may not want it hard enough," according to Carmelo Anthony.

Check out the trailer for the new season of Elite Youth below. The first two seasons can be viewed on Tubi.


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